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Business is nothing (part ii)

Business is Nothing (part Ii)…but Community

One of the funniest ironies about technology and improvement is that as we make giant technological leaps ever day, and get ever more “connected,” we are at the same time we are also getting more disconnected from each other and the world. Author Bill McKibbons wrote recently in Mother Jones Magazine that ever since 1956, the “Happiness Index” of Americans has been going down. How can this be, amidst an ever improving “standard of living,” that we are getting progressively unhappy?

It’s because we are flesh and blood and that until that changes, like attracts like, and we need to be amongst flesh and blood, ie. other humans. We’ve become lonely and isolated, constantly digitally connected, and yet physically remote from each other.

Tea is the perfect social lubricant for greasing the pathways of a beautiful community. Ask any good psychologist and they’ll tell you that perhaps the strongest need of a human is the need to belong to a community. We need community to survive. That’s what makes Samovar Tea Lounge so special. Organic Tea is about making a delicious, warm, satisfying pot of something special for someone special. It is about taking time out of your daily routine to breathe, see, touch, talk, and rejoice the simple pleasures of being human, among other humans.

What ever happened to the simple act of conversing in person? Nowadays most conversations take place over instant chat, email, phone messages, or cell phone. But while we’re still made of atoms, we still innately crave to be touched, hugged, and caressed. Have a pot of whole leaf tea with someone you care about, and touch them. Talk to them. Savor their human-ness, and connect.

After all, what’s the point of it all? I think few people, when on their deathbeds, ask how much money they are leaving in their bank accounts. Instead, I’d reason the more common question is, “What did I do that mattered?” And what matters is what kind of influence you exerted in life. And that often comes down to the bonds you’ve fostered. The community of human bonds. And it just so turns out that business is a phenomenal means for creating and fostering our human bonds.

Business is nothing but the forging of human bonds.

And as business philosopher Peter Koestenbaum wrote in Leadership: The Inner Side of Greatness : “Business is above all a vehicle for achieving personal and organization greatness. It is for accomplishing something worthy and noble. Business is an institution that can enable you to make a significant contribution to society.”

Some of the valuable reasons to drink oolong tea

Some Of The Valuable Reasons To Drink Oolong Tea

Oolong tea has been expressed as “Yu Xiang Hui Wei ” as it goes through so many diversified manufacturing steps in order to produce a good flavor and fragrance. The tea consists of more than a few dozens of leaves that have special flavors and aromas due to differences in the leaves, the production area, and the harvest time. Among them, Tie Guan Yin, Shui Xian, and Oolong are well known, and many renowned oolong teas are produced in Fujian Province. Oolong tea produced in the Province is sold overseas throughout the world as the tea that is delegate of China, the home of tea.

Oolong tea from Taiwan is also known as Imperial Formosa Oolong. The first Europeans to visit Taiwan were Portuguese sailors, who were so impressed by the beauty of Taiwan that they called it Isla Formosa. This translates as “Beautiful Island” and although Taiwan is now a bustling modern country, the tea growing areas of the island are prime examples of its natural beauty. Most of the oolong tea produced in Taiwan is for local consumption. The Taiwanese are discriminating tea drinkers who demand the best.

There are many valuable reasons to drink oolong tea. First and chief one is the wonderful taste. Tea specialist the world over value Taiwan tea for its sweetness and density. The preparation and serving of Oolong tea is also a pleasant pastime that can be shared with friends and family. In Taiwan and elsewhere, drinking oolong tea is a social affair that solidifies relationships.

The best oolong tea from Taiwan is grown in the sky-scraping mountains. All the oolong tea sold here is high-mountain oolong that is handpicked and hand processed. These are artisan teas that have been produced with high concern. They are highly deserving of the name ‘Imperial Formosa Oolong’.

Producing Taiwan oolong tea is an exacting and time-consuming process. The quality of the final product depends as much on the finishing as on the raw tealeaves. But make no mistake about the tealeaves – they are the heart and soul of oolong tea and the reason it is so valued. Taiwan tea farmers are increasingly adopting organic growing practices because of the higher quality tea these methods produce.

Bubble tea in san diego

Bubble Tea in San Diego

Have you heard about the latest sensation in the world of beverages?  Its a new Asian tea drink that started in Taiwan some 20 years ago  and made it to California in the 90’s. Its called Bubble tea or boba tea.  If you  haven’t had one yet, you need to try one. You’ll either like it or not, but  I guaranty that your first experience will have you surprised, bewildered, and maybe  shocked beyond words. This is not your grandma’s dainty cup of camomile tea. 

To describe it is a little difficult, but here it goes, Boba tea is any number of cool and refreshing  combinations of flavors of teas, milk  and sugar. The tea is likely to be in pastel colors of yellow, pink, or green and its not overwhelmingly sweet.  Mixed in with the drink is small dark, pea-sized balls made from Tapioca. These Tapioca balls are usually  several layers  deep sitting at the bottom of the clear plastic cup in which the tea is served. You’re given  a special super wide straw to suck up these bobas as you enjoy the tea.  At first it may seem weird to suddenly have plump balls of tapioca in your mouth as you’re sipping up the cool tea, but both the tea and the chewy tapioca make for a surprisingly good  match.

I had my first boba tea 8 years ago at a Vietnamese restaurant in Mira Mesa San Diego. Since then, it seems that you can find Boba tea all over San Diego and one place I’ve been going to is called Tea Station located on Mira Mesa Blvd. You can find Boba tea now in most larger cities in the US. Give Boba tea a try and see if you like it.  This may be the start of the next big counter punch to Starbucks.

Why having a cup of tea a day is good for you

Why Having a Cup of Tea a Day is Good for You

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Tea is one of the international drinks along with Coffee, and there are many varieties of tea ranging from black to green tea. Both types of these teas have their benefits if they are drank in the right quantities. In this article we will discuss a few of these benefits.

Our bodies require antioxidants in certain quantities to make our bodies function correctly. A result of our metabolic activities is our bodies produce free radicals and these will damage cells of our bodies. By drinking tea you are drinking ons of the richest forms of antioxidants available and these will remove free radicals from our bodies and therefore preventing our cells and DNA damage.

We are have experienced mood swings , even temporary ones at some time in the day. Teas has the potential to simulate the body in such a way to prevent these mood swings. For this reason doctors have been known to give patients green tea who suffer from depression.

Tea is known to promote concentration and it can be excellent for school and collage students, even at work this will help. Here were the word moderate the quantities ask it will lead to a disorder called mild thought. Tea can serve as a good way to a person who drives a lot and needs keep awake, it can not talk over from rest but can help.

If we drink tea it will help boost the immune system and can prevent such illnesses like common cold, headache and fever if consumed regularly.

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