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The effects of tea

The Effects of Tea

A large number of modern scientific researches have confirmed that tea does contain some biochemical components which are closely related with human health. Tea can not only refresh the spirit, clear away summer heat, help digestion and weight loss, but also has some pharmacological effect on some modern diseases, such as radiation, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other diseases. The pharmacological effect of tea mainly comes from tea polyphenol, caffeine, lipopolysaccharide, theanine, and so on. In detail:

First, anti-aging
Tea can help delay the aging process. Tea polyphenol has a strong antioxidant property and biological activity, so it is a scavenger of free radicals in human body. According to the research by relevant department, it is proved that the effect of 1 mg of tea polyphenol to clear the excessive free radicals in human body is equivalent to that of 9 microgram superoxide dismutase (SOD), and it is significantly higher than any other similar substances. Tea polyphenol can block the lipid peroxidation and scavenge the active enzymes. Test results have confirmed that the anti-aging effect of tea polyphenol is 18 times higher than that of vitamin E 18.

Second, inhibition of cardiovascular disease
Tea is helpful to inhibit cardiovascular disease. Tea polyphenol plays an importance part in the fat metabolism of human body. Tea polyphenol, especially catechin and theaflavin contained in tea polyphenol, can help inhibit the proliferation of maculosus, so that to reduce the fibrinogen, clear the clotting, thus suppressing atherosclerosis.

Third, anti-cancer
Tea can help prevent cancer. Tea polyphenol may block the synthesis of many carcinogenic substances in the body, such as ammonium nitrate. And it also has the effect of directly killing cancer cells and improving body immunity. According to relevant statistics, tea polyphenol (mainly catechins compounds), is conducive to the prevention and adjuvant treatment of many cancer diseases, such as gastric cancer, colon cancer and so on.

Fourth, radiation protection
Tea is conducive to the prevention and treatment of radiation injuries. Tea polyphenol and its oxidation products have the ability of absorbing the harms of some radioactive materials. According to the clinical trials of relevant medical department, for the mild radiation sickness caused in the course of radiation therapy, the treatment efficiency of tea is up to 90%.

From the various effects of tea, we can easily see its great importance to human health. As a result, try to drink more tea in daily life, so as to make yourself away from some diseases.

How does tea help the mind and body

How Does Tea Help the Mind and Body?

More and more, the benefits of tea are coming to the forefront. Between the antioxidants that tea is known to have in great quantities and the relaxing qualities of many types of teas, it has a powerful impact on both the mind and the body. Tea is quickly becoming the healthy drink of choice by many and with good reason. There are few drinks out there that naturally provide as many benefits as just a couple of cups of tea can.

Study after study has validated that drinking a few cups of tea a day could have a lasting impact on many aspects of your body. Because of the high antioxidant content which tea naturally has, the tea drinker has an army of helpers to ward off things such as free radicals. Free radicals are often associated with diseases such as stroke, heart disease and cancer. In addition, tea totalers tend to have lower blood pressure than non-tea drinkers. And as a side benefit, tea has fluoride which of course will impact your teeth and even your breath. So although the benefits of tea are mostly substantial, it can even impact personal hygiene.

Of all the teas available, white teas have the highest antioxidant count and therefore have the healthiest impact on your body. Additionally, brewed teas have more antioxidants than instant teas. Some other tea distinctions include the fact that black teas are thought to lower cholesterol levels and green teas on the other hand can slow prostate cancer, esophageal cancer, color cancer and offset the impacts of smoking. Black teas have been shown to have some of the same impacts but at lesser levels.

If that is not enough, some benefits of tea consumption also include curbing hypertension, boosting the immune system, helping to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, fighting leukemia cells and is being researched as an AIDS fighter. Put all together and a couple cups of green or black tea a day seems like a great preventative medicine for everyone.

However, tea impacts much more than just the body. The antioxidants in tea seem to have positive impact on our brains. It is known to boost overall mental alertness. This comes from the L-theanine (an amino acid found in tea plants) which stimulates the brain and allows for greater mental clarity. Drinking tea is likely to reduce your chances for mental impairment.

Many people turn to tea when they are stressed. Green tea is quickly becoming known to reduce depression and anxiety. In repetitive studies, the consumption of 2 or more cups of tea a day has resulted in at least a 30% lower likelihood of depression, stress or anxiety. Tea is a powerhouse. The benefits of tea on of body, bodily systems and overall health of the mind is something worth considering the next time you have to order your drink of choice.

The black tea edge

The Black Tea Edge

You would be surprised to know that one way to fight diabetes is by drinking black tea. Amazing? While teas are known for the health benefits that you can derive from them, there are some teas that possess unique characteristics that make them the all-time favorites, one of which is black tea. It is not so unusual why black tea is really popular since it is very flexible when it comes to usage, and has extra health benefits that cannot be found in other varieties of tea.

You might not know it, but the cool and refreshing iced tea that you love to drink is made from black tea. You can easily notice the rich flavor, the savory aroma, and the brilliant dark red color of every glass of iced tea. Aside from that, in every glass, you get the same powerful antioxidants that every tea gives to your body.

One major benefit that you can get from black tea is its capacity to fight diabetes. A recent research in China found out that the polysaccharide levels of black tea is greater compared to other varieties of tea. These polysaccharides slow down the absorption of glucose, thereby reducing the sugar levels in the body. These findings would eventually lead to further explore this specific property of the black tea in managing diabetes.

There is an organic black tea which you could say is entirely a natural tea. The plant (cammellia sinensin) being used for this kind of tea are free from man-made chemicals. These bushes are not given synthetic fertilizers, growth regulators, or even pesticides. Everything that contributes to their growth is natural. Since farmers cannot use synthetic methods, they resort to crop rotation, composting, and inter-planting. These methods replenish the soil and help maintain the ecological balance in the planet.

Organic black tea is very helpful for those who require a strict intake on foods. Because of the natural characteristics of this tea, more and more people are shifting their preference to this kind of tea, not to mention its existing patrons around the world.

So if you want to live the natural way, in order to protect your body from certain diseases such as diabetes, then go for organic black tea. It is delicious and a good source of antioxidants as well.

Enchanting your guests with the blooming tea

Enchanting Your Guests With The Blooming Tea

Want to have some artistic tea to serve your guests or family? You may be wondering how a tea can become artistic since even the color does not look like something that could be deemed as exuding a sense of art. Yes, generally teas don’t look much but if you have seen a flowering tea, you will definitely change your mind.

A flowering tea is made of dried tea leaves shaped like a ball. There are also tea flowers being used. This ball is bound together using a cotton thread. What is really nice about this tea is the way it unfurls when you pour water on it. Imagine a blooming flower inside a crystal clear teapot. From the small ball of dried tea leaves, your guest would be surely delighted to see it bloom into a flower right inside the teapot.

The main ingredient of the flowering tea is the camellla sinensis, a type of tea leaf while the most common flower ingredients are carnation, easter lily, jasmine, roselle, globeamaranth flower, and florists chrysanthemum. When these are combined, they will form an exquisite ball of aromatic tea that does not get bitter even with extended steeping.

The other name of flowering teas is actually blooming teas. Now, you would not wonder anymore why the other name of this delightful tea is blooming tea. By the name itself, you can deduce that it illustrates how a flower blooms. Added more, it does not only give a beautiful appearance but you receive health benefits as well.

If you still have not seen or tasted a blooming tea, because you might prefer some other forms of tea, now is the time that you should try it out. You would get a decorative centerpiece with this kind of tea and since there are a variety of flowers used, you can even choose the particular color of the flower that you like. You can have yellow, pink, or white, depending on your preference.

So it is really good to have a blooming tea ready in your cupboard. If it happens that you might have some unexpected guests arriving, a flowering tea would surely enliven the conversation.

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