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Hot tea weight loss – is it better

Hot Tea Weight Loss – Is it Better?

Is drinking hot tea weight loss better than drinking it cold? There is no study that proves it yet. But regardless whether your tea is served hot or cold, still it brings the same health benefits in your body.

Tea has proved to be a good form of diet that brings success in your weightloss goal. Why? It is because the tea comes like a natural and tasty beverage. It appeals to your taste buds. Unlike other weight loss diet program, it will somehow give you a struggle to give up on things. There are limitations to your food intake, and these are mostly foods that you love eating.

With tea, you do not have to worry taking a bite on a cake or from time to time you will eat ice cream or sweets because calories from these foods will surely be burned up. How sure can that be? As you know, tea contains catechins and has thermogenesis effect in the body. The catechins will intensify your basal metabolic rate, which help burn the calories and stored fats in your system. The more catechins are filled in your system, your metabolism will continue to accelerates its rate even while you are sleeping. Thermogenesis on the other hand speeds up the heat production of your body, which can temporarily boost also the burning of calories. So drinking tea more often, like every meal time can give you the assurance that you will continue to lose those excess weight and fats.

One more thing, drinking tea also helps reduce your desire to eat. This is because tea has a suppressant effect on your body. This is for the simple reason that the beverage filled your stomach and it has substances that control hunger pains. The tea also detoxifies your digestive system and your entire body as a whole. Drinking hot tea weight loss is a matter of preference and does not invalidate the effectiveness of the tea if others prefer it cold.

Discover Tava Tea – a unique blend of three powerful teas namely Sencha, Oolong (Wu Long), Puerh species. Here are the benefits you will get – Burns 2.5 times more calories than Green Tea; Reduces the fattening effects when eating carbs; Fights the signs of aging with antioxidants; Completely natural, organically grown, certified by CERES and USDA.

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The cha no yu: the japanese tea ceremony

The Cha No Yu: the Japanese Tea Ceremony

The “Cha No Yu” meaning hot water originated as a Buddhist ritual. Eisai, the Buddhist Monk was famous for creating the Zen of this ceremony, as well as for planting the first tea plants in Uji, a region near Kyoto Japan. These tea gardens are now famous, and tea is a way of life for the Japanese. Tea, therefore; became popular throughout Japan and by the mid fifteenth century, Japanese monasteries had copied communal living from China. These “Sung” rules or rules of living included how to prepare and consume tea, and were held in special tea houses throughout Japan.

The preparation and drinking of tea includes the Cha No Yu ceremony. The rules of this ceremony were founded by Murata Shuko (1422-1522), which includes inviting a few esteemed guests or drinking the tea alone. There is a pattern or ritual which is closely followed when preparing and partaking of the precious tea. This highly refined art form includes the Zen, a philosophy that symbolizes purity of spirit and soul, which become joined together when sipping the tea. The Cha and the Zen are also linked in the ceremony. Guests meditate and find peace within their souls as they sip their tea. The Cha No Yu reflects the values and culture of the Japanese, and takes place in a beautiful yet simple teahouse.

Murata Shuko’s original teahouse was lightly decorated to reflect the true meaning of the tea ceremony; showing a simplistic way of living. The teahouse in Japan today is called a “Chashitsu.” To reach this pavilion one must walk up a garden path reminiscent of a mountain path. The simplistic surroundings of the teahouse includes tatami mats, paper panels and wood. A painted scroll is above the alcove, flowers are placed in a vase and the kettle sits within a sunken hearth. Fine porcelain is imported from China and includes stoneware dishes, ladle, spatula, bamboo whisk and cast iron teapot. After a light meal, the host serves “Matcha” a green fine powdered tea called “Gyokuro” and is whipped with hot water to make “Koicha” tea. Strong tea is served first; followed by a weak tea; sipped slowly to find inner strength and harmony.

The Cha No Yu is an art perfected today in Japan, and is taken with great care and attention to detail. Over the century Cha No Yu’s rules have been perfected and refined. Tea masters have spent many years studying this ceremony, but the essentials have always remained the same, which are defined as serenity, purity, harmony and respect, otherwise known as “The Way of Tea.”

Written by: Deidre R. Bissonette

Tava tea – what makes it the most excellent tea

Tava Tea – What Makes it the Most Excellent Tea?

Tava tea is also making a name. But do you know what makes this tea different from the rest of the teas? It is formulated and uniquely blended using three kinds of natural ingredients. These ingredients are the streamed green Sencha, Puerh teas, and the well-known Wuyi Cliff Oolong tea. Because of these three ingredients, tava becomes the most powerful tea in the market.

This tea can guarantee an effective weightloss because of the following properties of each ingredient. To begin with, Green Sencha is produced in Japan. This is a super kind of green tea that contain antioxidants, vitamin C and E. But the antioxidant level of Green Sencha is exponentially high, and the benefits are way better than having a good dosage of vitamin C or even vitamin E alone. According to some researches, this plant supplies a good amount of L-Theanine too, a vital amino acid needed by your system. Aside from being a good means to lose weight, Sencha can intensify your immune system, protect your from contracting any diseases, and has properties to calm and soothe you.

Puerh tea on the other hand is taken from the larger leaf of Green Tea. This type of tea had gone through different processes, but most primarily it goes through the aging process. Yes, the bigger leaf of Camellia sinensis is being aged before it is being served as tea. This tea is known best in lowering the bad cholesterol and helps in the digestion process. It has useful properties that are able to breakdown stored fats and detoxify the whole body.

Wuyi Cliff Oolong or also known as Wulong tea is identified for its dark brown color. It has a taste of a green tea however it is free from the grassy sense of taste. The leaves of Camellia sinensis are being oxidized to achieve that unique taste. It also contains the polyphenols that is valuable in helping your body shed off those unwanted weights.

If you really want a fast weight loss that assures safeness of your overall health, or a tea that does not let you become anxious of the adverse effects, or most importantly gives you more health advantages, then tava tea is the answer to your weight loss needs.

Discover the unique blend of Tava Tea of three powerful teas namely Sencha, Oolong (Wu Long), Puerh species. Here are the benefits you will get – Burns 2.5 times more calories than Green Tea; Reduces the fattening effects when eating carbs; Fights the signs of aging with antioxidants; Completely natural, organically grown, certified by CERES and USDA.

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Green tea – a very versatile beverage

Green Tea – A Very Versatile Beverage

The earliest users of tea are two countries, India and China. Tea also plays a very significant part in social rituals of Japan. In current periods green tea has engrossed a lost of attention due to many health benefits attributed to it. Green Tea is a very versatile beverage and the preparation depends on your preferred taste. There are many recipes to make a wonderful blend but the most prehistoric way if by directly brewing the leaves and drinking the tea. Other than enjoyment, Green Tea also provides energy and vigor. It’s a great drink for a lazy afternoon. In smaller doses it actually works wonder as it boosts the energy and reduces anxious feeling. During office tea breaks instead of a normal coffee or tea switch over to Green Tea, so that you are fully energized. You can also keep sipping Green Tea and even loose weight, doesn’t that sound cool?

Green tea supplements are especially prevalent in the weight loss industry and in products, which are promoted as containing antioxidants. Obtainable in many forms, the use of green tea for weight loss is believed to be one of the greatest natural ‘calorie burning’ finds made by science so far. Green tea can allow a person to gain greater overall health; it is not just a case of green tea helping you to lose weight. Sometimes you will find ginseng is mixed with green tea to improve its properties and effectiveness. Considered to be the root of life in China and Tibet, ginseng root brings the vitamin and mineral supplement the body needs during a detoxification period.

People who drink green tea are found to have lower LDL cholesterol levels and higher HDL cholesterol levels. One study conducted in animals suggests that polyphenols may help inhibit the absorption of cholesterol by intestines thus helping in the excretion of cholesterol from body. Green tea has also been found to be beneficial for the liver. It helps control the damaging effect of alcohol on it. People who drink green tea are found to have lower incidence of liver diseases. Nature seems to have a cure for everything if you can find it and the health benefits of green tea are only just beginning to be understood.

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