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Sweet southern ice tea that even a diabetic can enjoy

Sweet Southern Ice Tea That Even A Diabetic Can Enjoy

If you have ever visited the Carolinas then you have probably enjoyed at least a few glasses of the “wine of the south” otherwise known as ice tea.  If you order it in a Charleston restaurant it will in all likelihood come sweetened without you asking.  If you complain about that the wait person will give you a “what’s wrong with you boy?” look but return with an unsweetened glass of tea for the poor dumb Yankee.

Southern ice tea is sweet.  That would seem to make it a no-no for a diabetic but there is a way to get around that.  Actually some types of tea like black, green or oolong actually improve insulin production.  In addition all teas are good sources of antioxidants which have a number of health benefits including reducing blood pressure.  The problem for diabetics with southern tea is the sweet part.  This article is going to show you a simple way to get around that little obstacle.

If you live in the south, or you want to pretend you do, you always want to have ice tea available.  Now that could mean boiling water a number of times each day and that’s kind of a drag particularly in the heat of summer.  However, you can easily make a home brewed tea concentrate that will cut down your boiling time, take up ? of the space in your refrigerator and ensure that you always have tea ready to drink.

You’re going to need a 1 gallon pitcher and a tea pot or pan with at least a 1 gallon capacity.  Fill the teapot to the top and set on a burner to boil.  Put 2 cups of  Splenda or other artificial sweetener in the pitcher.   When the water boils pour it from the pan into the pitcher with the Splenda.  Use a long wooden spoon to stir the mix until the Splenda dissolves.  Toss in three family size tea bags and walk away.

After about two hours (or longer if you like) pull the bags out and squeeze the excess water back into the pitcher.  That’s it you’re done.  What you have is a concentrate that will make 3 gallons of tea from the one gallon of your home brew.  Keep the concentrate in the fridge and just be sure to remember to only add a third of a glass of concentrate to every glass you pour.

So there you have it.  A sweet glass of southern ice tea that even a diabetic can enjoy.

How tea promotes weight loss

How Tea Promotes Weight Loss

How does tea promote weight loss? Some people would say that teas can give either laxative or diuretic effect. Some teas do have both of these effects. So people will simply lose weight because the tea will eliminate water in your body or remove excess weight because it eliminates waste in your colon. Thus people will have the impression that they have lose weight because of these effects.

But apart from these two common effects of tea, are there teas that really help individuals trim down excess weight and get rid of those stored fats in their body? The answer is yes.

Green tea has captured the hearts of many consumers because it helps them achieve their weight loss plan. Yes, green tea has a diuretic effect because it lets you go to the rest room and pee but this is just but normal. Anyone who drinks liquid will eventually dispose it anytime of the day. How much more if you are drinking tea three to five cups a day?

How does weight loss works when you drink green tea? The Camellia sinensis, the herbs used in green tea, is very rich with catechins. Catechins are polyphenols that work as mighty antioxidants in the body, specifically the Epigallocatechin gallate. This substances help fight off the free radicals that are present in the body that is why aside from reducing weight, there are other healthy benefits in drinking green tea that you can get.

The catechins primarily stir up the system and produce a thermogenesis effect in the body. This means that the body is able to transmute, transmit and even store energy in the system if it is not utilized. This also means that when you drink this beverage, you need more energy to transform and transport. We do not encourage you to store energy, so dispense it through exercise. To have more energy, your metabolic rate is also heightened up. The body will burn up calories and even stored fats so that your system can supply the energy. This is how tea promote weight loss.

Discover a unique blend of three powerful teas namely Sencha, Oolong (Wu Long), Puerh species. Here are the benefits you will get – Burns 2.5 times more calories than Green Tea; Reduces the fattening effects when eating carbs; Fights the signs of aging with antioxidants; Completely natural, organically grown, certified by CERES and USDA.

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How much green tea should i drink

How Much Green Tea Should I Drink?

How much green tea should I drink a day?” This is one of the common questions I receive every day regarding green tea.  The answer seems to be pretty important for people who – like me – started drinking green tea for weight loss solutions.

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This of course, is the same question I had some months ago.  Very much is said about the benefits of green tea, yet it is hard to find concise information about the amounts of green tea to drink per day.

So, how much green tea should you drink for results?

Let me say first, this info is based on my own experience and observations with green tea. The amount of “doses” will depend greatly on the type of green tea presentation you consume.

In the case of green tea extracts (which you can find mostly of 350mg), I’d recommend taking from three to four pills a day, but not at once.  Instead, it is a good idea to take them after eating: breakfast, lunch and dinner with abundant water preferably.

If you are drinking green tea hot or as iced tea, I’d recommend drinking at least one cup after your meals. However, when drinking green tea, you are freer with the way you take green tea. For example, during summer I take my iced green tea and drink it throughout the day besides after every meal. Be sure though to not make of this tea your exclusive drink, you should also be taking pure water.

Finally, you can opt for the pill / drink combo. Here’s a great tip that also gave me great results: Take 3 pills a day, again after every meal.  And while you are eating or at any time, replace your usual drink with green tea. Lately, I’ve been using this combination and it really works!

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The secret of healing teas

The Secret of Healing Teas

Can tea actually heal? Is there any basis for the sudden surge in tea-based products which has been attributed to its health benefits and healing powers? Well, lets try to take a look at its components which are thought to be the source of these healing qualities. The main components that are the objects of intensive study are the catechin polyphenols.

Catechin polyphenols are antioxidants; substances that fight off free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for the damage and eventual death of cells. The propagation of free radicals are accelerated by the presence of toxins that come with smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, eating too much fatty foods, exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, as well as pollutants in the air.

Let’s take our skin for example. Ever wondered why loosen and wilt as we age? That’s because the cells that hold them together tightly are already dead. It’s normal for cells to die, even happening everyday. The presence of free radicals in our body is even normal. But when the concentration of free radicals is just too high, the death rate of cells also increases proportionately.
Thus, to prevent cells from dying, free radicals should be countered upon. That’s where antioxidants like the polyphenols in tea come in. The polyphenols neutralize the free radicals and thus reduce the elements that increase the death rate of cells. With lesser dying cells in our skins, they can remain tight longer.

Of course, the death rate of cells increase as we age. But at least the rate won’t be as fast as when the number of free radicals is too high. We can take this same argument to the other cells in our bodies. The effects of healing teas on skin cells are the same on other cells. Hence, damages there can be minimized as well.

Yes, healing tea is very much for real. Just look at the track record for longevity of serious tea-drinking countries like China and Japan. We frequently hear people from these parts reaching a century old.

Of all healing teas, it is the green tea variety that has the most amount of antioxidants. That is why tea-inspired beverages specify that green tea is their main component.

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