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Douglas says it best – musings of the late douglas adams on the value of tea

Douglas Says it Best – Musings of the late Douglas Adams on the value of Tea

A few years ago I read a book entitled The Salmon of Doubt, which was a collection of the late author Douglas Adams’ unfinished, unpublished, and under appreciated works.   Known primarily for his famed Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Dirk Gently series and of course for his insights into the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, some of Douglas’ other talents and passions seemed to escape under the radar.

Slewn among the comical essays and chapters was an excerpt that he wrote in 1999, two years prior to his sudden and unexpected death.  The few paragraphs were written in response and presumably annoyance to Americans who had no understanding of the wonders of tea.  When it comes the the value of loose leaf tea, well, Douglas says it best.

Here is a unique glimpse into the mind of a genius.  Enjoy.


May 12, 1999

One or two Americans have asked me why the English like tea so much, which never seems to them to be a very good drink. To understand, you have to make it properly.

There is a very simple principle to the making of tea, and it’s this—to get the proper flavour of tea, the water has to be boilING (Not boilED) when it hits the tea leaves.  If it’s merely hot, then the tea will be insipid. That’s why we English have these odd rituals, such as warming the teapot first (so as no to cause the boiling water to cool down too fast as it hits the pot).  And that’s why American habit of bringing a teacup, a tea bag, and a pot of hot water to the table is merely the perfect way of making a tin, pale, watery cup of tea that nobody in their right mind would want to drink.  The Americans are all mystified about why the English make such a big thing out of tea because most Americans HAVE NEVER HAD A GOOD CUP OF TEA.  That’s why they don’t understand.  In fact, the truth of the matter is that most English people don’t know how to make tea anymore either, and most people drink cheap instant coffee instead, which is a pity, and gives Americans the impression that the English are just generally clueless about hot stimulants.

So the best advice I can give to an American arriving in England is this:  Go to Marks and Spencer and buy a packet of Earl Grey tea.  Go back to where you’re staying and boil a kettle of water.  While it is coming to the boil, open the sealed packet and sniff.  Careful—you may feel a bit dizzy, but this is in fact perfectly legal.  When the kettle has boiled, pour a little of it into a teapot, swirl it around, and tip it out again.  Put a couple (or three, depending on the size of the pot) of tea bags into the pot.  (If I was really trying to lead you into the paths of righteousness, I would tell you to use free leaves rather than bags, but let’s just take this in easy stages.)  Bring the kettle back up to the boil, and then pour the boiling water as quickly as you can into the pot.  Let is stand for two or three minutes, and then pour it into a cup.  Some people will tell you that you shouldn’t have milk with Earl Grey, just a slice of lemon.  Screw them.  I like it with milk.  If you think you will like it with milk, then it’s probably best to put some milk into the bottom of the cup before you pour in the tea.  If you pour milk into a cup of hot tea, you will scald the milk.  If you think you will prefer it with a slice of lemon, then, well, add a slice of lemon.

Drink it.  After a few moments you will begin to think that the place you’ve come to isn’t maybe quite so strange and crazy after all.

How to make top quality tea

How to Make Top quality Tea

Tea could be the world wide hottest have, was pleased with more or less anywhere many kinds. Right tea arises from 1 vegetable, these Camellia sinensis, yet tea production contains many forms, utilizing various kinds of tea resulting gas 4 free : maintain, not to mention a never-ending a number of integrates for palates all over the world. Whatever assumes at home top quality tea? A lot more than perhaps you believe.

Regardless if a part of a natural mix, arsenic intoxication Camellia sinensis is well recognised by the dryness remaining during the lips after taking a sip. To find tea, about the home boys and also suggestions for the major foliage usually are taken out, seeing that they have got your finer surface. A flora is usually gathered each individual six and 7 days.

Desires tea is dependent upon the way it is usually highly refined. As soon as refined, the tea results in are propagate through in substantial containers to be able to wilt. This approach locale is without a doubt placed within approximately forty degrees fahrenheit, which inturn releases a tea dried while not moving on to the other approach, fermenting. Green tea is permitted to wilt on a day; anymore did not take long will lose range of it’s chlorophyll, getting orange tea.

Black teas are manufactured by letting wilted tea leaved burn. Tea suppliers mention the following as “fermentation,” while legitimate fermentation necessitates micro organism during an oxygen-free setting. Bruising and additionally crushing from the actually leaves lets out digestive enzymes and this entice oxidation. Repayment damages typically the chlorophyll, switching his / her color selection right from green towards dark brown. Oolong is certainly dealt with similarily seeing that black tea, good results . a reduced amount of bruising along with oxidation, putting things in a good lighter in weight tastiness.

Many of these teas will be conserved quite as: hvac the property to eighty college diplomas stops all collapsing plus molecule techniques. Whitened teas seem to be very hot soon after pick. Simply because loss the development of additional teas, they need a weakest flavour. In most Asian kitchenware languages black tea is named “red” tea resulting from their shade when ever brewed. Found in Developed cities, green tea is black tea, and rooibos, that is a type of natural tea.

Whatever tea significant other can tell you if you need excellent tea, you want to shop for reduce leaf, in no way plastic box. Tea creation is finished really in another way based on the nation’s intended function. Loose tea is normally folded all through drying, whilst tea with regard to purses needs to be land surface after which sorted from sizing. This all management cuts down on flavor with plastic box tea. This back pack at the same time lessens the quantity of house that tea is required to drink plenty of water, taking out sometimes a smaller amount flavour.

Practically all teas that you can buy usually are tea combinations. Want espresso not to mention wine bottles, a flavour regarding tea ranges programs environment as well as conditions it really is cultivated through. Test candidates have to unique blend several teas because of many excellent international locations to guarantee the fusion they really are doing invariably maintain a pool of same exact essence. Blends is a really mix of a few teas, or perhaps tea and even organic and natural things: English Breakfast Tea is normally a mixture of Assam, Ceylon together with Kenyan black teas, even while Earl Greyish is normally black tea using oil from Bergamot grapefruits.

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Learn more about bulk tea

Learn More About Bulk Tea

bulk tea is the most economical way to purchase this beverage, which is a favorite in much of the world – and in many places, has a lot of tradition associated with it. The Japanese tea ceremony goes back centuries; in much of Asia, it is said that the sky rained tea on the day Buddha was born. Afternoon tea, complete with a wide array of tea accessories, dates back 300 years in Britain, and anger over taxes on bulk tea led to a raid on cargo ships anchored in Boston Harbor one November night in 1775 – and this changed the course of history.

organic teas

The laws that determine which bulk teas can be sold as organic teas vary from one country to the next. In the U.S., organic loose teas and other products are certified at the state level by local agencies approved by the USDA. Those seeking as hot beverage to get them started in the morning will be glad to know that many black organic teas such as jasmine, oolong, asman and pekoe and pekoe pack as much of a “wallop” as many varieties of coffee – at a lower cost and with substantially less caffeine.

Exotic Teas

For those looking for a different taste, try black or green organic teas that have been flavored with spearmint and peppermint for a North African or Middle Eastern twist.

Chai tea (which is a somewhat redundant term, being as “chai” is the word for “tea” in Hindi, Russian and several other languages) is a taste treat from India. Flavored with traditional Indian spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves and ginger, it is traditionally served hot with milk and sugar. However, the added spices give this beverage a natural sweetness, and it is also an excellent thirst quencher on those hot summer days!

Organic Herbal Teas

If you are trying to avoid caffeine altogether, you’ll be glad to know that many organic loose teas are herbal. Many of these are therapeutic and even medicinal in nature. Chamomile is acknowledged by herbalists as a natural relaxant and sleep aid; younger women who suffer from cramps during their menstrual period find it useful in the relief of such symptoms. Licorice and ginseng are thought to have a positive effect on energy levels and sexual function in men.

organic loose tea

While bulk tea is economical to buy, there’s a catch – it comes as loose leaves. This means there is no tea bag; therefore, you’ll need tea accessories such as tea balls. It’s a bit of extra trouble, but well worth it in order to enjoy the superior quality and taste of organic bulk tea.

Tava tea review – is tava tea more effective than green tea for weight loss

Tava Tea Review – Is Tava Tea More Effective Than Green Tea For Weight Loss?

Weight loss teas are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. While most studies have focused on green tea for weight loss, there are other types of tea that can help you lose weight. Given the wide range and varying quality of weight loss teas, it’s not easy to decide which one is right for you. This is no longer an issue with the introduction of Tava Tea Wellness Blend.

What is Tava Tea?

Tava Tea is a unique combination of Sencha, Puerh and Wu Yi Cliff Oolong tea. Only the finest, organic whole tea leaves are selected to make this potent blend. These 3 types of tea have been known and used in China for thousand of years for weight loss and other health benefits.

How does Tava Tea work?

The main ingredient in this tea is polyphenol. It is an antioxidant that increases metabolism and burns fat.

One of the causes of body fat storage is insulin spike after eating a carb meal. By drinking Tava Tea within 15 minutes of consuming carbohydrate foods, it can slow down the release of insulin hormone and reduce the likelihood of weight gain.

Polyphenols also have healing properties and health benefits (see below).

This tea contains high amounts of amino acid L-theanine which regulate appetite and mood. This natural substance restores positive mood and reduces comfort eating.

Summary of Tava Tea benefits

– burns up to 2 times more calories than green tea alone

– improves oral health

– promotes heart health

– lowers cholesterol levels

– strengthens immune system

– improves digestion

– regulates insulin

– calms your mind

– energises your body

– anti ageing

Due to the numerous health benefits, it’s no wonder that Tava Tea is more than a weight loss tea!

It uses 100% organic ingredients that have both CERES and USDA organic certifications and is completely natural with no artificial additives.

You can be assured that you are getting the best quality tea manufactured according to high standards. The whole tea leaves are packed into nylon pyramid teabags so that they can be reused several times until all antioxidants and minerals have been fully extracted. No tea dust or scraps are used and no fillers are added.

The manufacturers of Tava Tea Wellness Blend are offering 180-day money back guarantee as they are confident of its effectiveness. If you are not happy with the results, you can ask for a refund.

It is easy and convenient to drink this tea. Simply replace your usual coffee, sodas or fruit juices with Tava Tea Wellness Blend to lose weight or experience its enormous health benefits.

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