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Matcha tea-potion to better health

Matcha Tea-potion to Better Health

The Chinese adage goes “Better to be deprived of food for three days than tea for one.” The truth contained in the phrase is felt most by tea lovers for whom a sip of their favorite tea type is like a glimpse of an oasis in midst of dry sands of desert.

Matcha is one of the rare varieties where the entire leaf is consumed. Once the tea is plucked, the same if steamed and dried and the veins are separated. The dried leaves are then stored in some cold place. After several months, the leaves are taken out of the freezing unit and crushed into grains by grinder. Matcha tea being rich in Catechin Polyphenols is one of the rare varieties of antioxidants which contribute to prevent cardiovascular diseases and elongates the aging process.

The origin of Matcha tea dates back to China. The Chinese legend goes that the tea was first discovered by Emperor Shen Nong who has a fascination of herbs. The king tasted various herbs in search of medical values and had once ended up in poisoning himself. It was then he found the Matcha herb which helped him to fight back the toxins and cured him completely. Ever Since then, Matcha tea has been a popular part of Chinese culture.

Apart from china, Japan too specializes in yielding fine quality of Matcha. Prior to harvesting the plantation, Japanese farmers cover the tea with shades. Due to shading, the plants are unable to reach for the sunlight; they try to compensate the loss by increasing the chlorophyll content of their leaves. This causes the shoots to develop into larger and fine quality of tea with a better texture and flavor. It is best recommended to consume Matcha tea six months after its packaging as after this period the beverage looses its flavor in no time.

In addition to the fact that tea make a refreshing drink to ease off your days’ fatigue, a typical green tea consists of ample health benefits which are hard to ignore. Matcha tea is a typical green tea variety well known for its health properties. The beverage rich in vitamins, minerals and rich anti-oxidants is a real energy booster and the effect is felt for hours after the tea is being entirely consumed. Match is a tea variety which is being yielded from top quality green tea and contains more health benefits than its counterparts.

Match tea is low in calories and helps in reducing blood Cholesterol level. Additionally it puts a check on blood sugar and blood pressure levels and cultivates strong immunity power to fight back harmful germicides. Matcha is the most widely consumed green tea variety across Japan. This simply explains the fact as to why the country has more life expectancy rate than any other country across globe. Matcha tea forms an essential part of Zen Buddhism and was its consumption forms a popular practice among Buddhist monks. It is no wonder refined health properties of the beverage provide them further impetus in the quest of their spiritual journey.

Tea and coffee premix

Tea and Coffee Premix

Tea and Coffee Premix – Needs and Preparation


Coffee and tea are significant in every office. Employees needs this beverage their working at a feverish pace time. In this case, if you’re trying to prepare coffee or tea manually for thousands of employees, it increases the labour cost and time this brought the instant ready for use vending machines.

Now-a-days people are spending most of the time out of home places like offices, institution, theaters, railway stations, malls etc. By the time people are looking for refreshments, for this reason there is a need of a mechanism, to provide a risk free and consistent product delivery for tea and coffee. That states 75% of demand for beverage refreshments. In this demand vending machine premix suppliers play a vital role.


Vending machine premixes are a combination of tea/coffee with ingredients like dairy whitener and sucrose that are mixed with hot water in the vending machine at a time dispensing to offer customer with safe and hygienic beverage remaining in a pristine state by human hands.

The need of premix tea, coffee, and other varieties are increasing. These premixes are customized as per customer’s requirements and also available in various flavors. It’s completely free from artificial flavors, preservatives or synthetic colors. Contamination as spray dried in extremely high temperatures. Premix packs are foil laminated pouches. Just add 12 grams in hot water its ready to sip. That’s why it is called as instant premix. These premixes are less expensive and minimum wastage hence it is very convenient to use

To know more about premix varieties please log on to contact us @9500100072

Tea – london shops selling quality tea

Tea – London Shops Selling Quality Tea

British people are known for their tea drinking, but unfortunately they mostly drink over-brewed tea with milk and sugar. For the tea connoisseur this is a complete no-no. So if you’re visiting London and want to buy some quality black, oolong, green or white tea, where should you head. This is my personal choice of the best tea shops in London.

My favourite is Tea Smith in Spitalfields Market (6 Lamb Street, E1 6EA, Tel: 020 7247 1333). Here you can explore the world of exceptional teas – delicate Whites, energising Greens, aromatic and complex Oolongs, and mysterious aged Puers. Here you can buy tea to take away or sample various teas at their tea bar. The quality of the tea is truly exceptional.

Another of my regular tea shops is Teaspoon in Paddington (195 Praed Street, W2 1RH, Tel: 020 7402 0499). This is where I get my favourite tea from – Organic Dragon Well. They also sell a great tasting Organic Silver Needle Tea – it’s low in caffeine, so great for drinking in the evening.

If you’re in central London, then the Tea Palace in Covent Garden (12 Covent Garden Market, WC2E 8RF Tel: 020 7836 6997) is the place to head for. Tea Palace has a very large range of quality teas to choose from and also sell presentation packs – idea for a present for the tea-lover in your life. Tea Palace tea can also be bought at Selfridges (400 Oxford Street, W1A 1AB) and Mitsukoshi (14-20 Regent Street, SW1Y 4PH)

Another neat little tea shop is yumchaa (91/92 Camden Lock Place, Upper Walkway, West Yard, NW1 8AF & 45 Berwick Street, Soho, W1F 8SF). Yumchaa also have a stall at Portobello Market on Saturdays.


Chinese tea – oolong tea

Chinese Tea – Oolong Tea

Chinese Tea history

Tea (Camellia sinensis) is native to China. The ancient Chinese used them for medical purposes, then developed the infusion we know as tea; to this day tea is said to purge the digestive system of toxins. Later the Chinese learned to grow tea plants and use their leaves to make various types of tea.

Many different types of tea were grown during each of the dynasties in China.

Chinese tea culture refers to the methods of preparation of tea, the equipment used to make tea and the occasions in which tea is consumed in China.

Tea culture in China differs from that of Europe, Britain or Japan in such things as preparation methods, tasting methods and the occasions for which it is consumed. Even now, in both casual and formal Chinese occasions, tea is consumed regularly. In addition to being a drink, Chinese tea is used in traditional Chinese medicine and in Chinese cuisine.

About Yishan Teashop

Yishan Teashop is run by a committed group of tea masters, specialists and all-around tea lovers. Through a partnership with excellent Beijing shipping agents in addition to our large network of tea farmers across China, we are able to present an ideal online tea shopping experience that is tough to match! Yishan Teashop is a Hong Kong-Beijing partnership based in the Maliandao ChaYuanChaCheng, one of the largest of the Beijing Tea City’s main wholesale tea buildings.

About Golden TeaHouse

We are here to share with you our passion for Chinese tea and offer you our finest selection direct from China! Our Chinese teas are all naturally processed, with no additional flavorings, additives or preservatives.

Our Oolong Tea

Wu-Long Teas
A direct translation for Black Dragon, Oolong Tea‘s meaning is both mystifying and tempting. No other category of teas includes such a wide range of shapes, colours and aromas.
No other processing technique relies so much on the individual recipes passed down through so many generations. Quite simply, Oolong tea offers something for everyone, from bold-rich roasted flavors to subtle and mellow floral aromas. Have a look around or email us to learn more!

Wuyi Oolong Teas
The Wuyi Mountains are a legendary tourist spot protected under the UN umbrella of World Heritage Sites. Within the magnificent scenery of over seventy odd mountains and lush green valleys an oral history of Oolong tea-making has passed on through generations, yielding over eight hundred variations of teas; each with their own names and processing rules. At Yishan Teashop we have a family connection with this region, and thus we pass on our Wuyi Oolong teas and knowledge with an added element of passion and fondness that goes well beyond the role of tea-seller. We hope that through us, you can learn the vast appreciation for Wuyi’s rich and diverse tea culture.

Tie Guan Yin Teas
Tie Guan Yin-style Oolongs have reached critical mass all across China and are now gaining popularity in the west as a delicate yet complex change from the newly popular green teas.
On the surface, Tie Guan Yins differ from most other Oolong Tea in both a greener color and lower oxidation. However, when it comes to processing, they are nearly a category themselves. Be sure to learn about regional Tie Guan Yins, since we like to sell and demonstrate many of the tasting notes and changes from one farm to the next. Tie Guan Yins offer a unique experience not only based on their quality grades, but on their specific farm location in the famous Anxi county.

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