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History of green tea: in popularity since the early days

History of Green Tea: in Popularity Since the Early Days!

People started consuming tea as early as 4000 years back in the country of China, though only few provinces of China knew the use of tea. Apart from China, India and Japan were the places where tea was grown and consumed with pleasure. The most startling fact about green tea is that it has got certain medicinal benefits, like wound healing and coughs prevention. These were age old remedies and are practiced with greater perfection in the modern era.

The people of China used green tea to the best of its use and they commercialized the production of green tea in China. A Zen priest had written a book on tea related medicinal benefits in the year 1191. The book contains valuable information about the origin and traditional uses of green tea. The Chinese people mastered the art of natural healing, with the use of herbal products and green tea was used extensively for purely medicinal purposes.

Apart from the basic health disorders, green tea also cures a host of other relatively complicated disorders, like indigestion and urinary infections. The readers will surely be astonished to now about the history and benefits of green tea. Those who are not aware of green tea might think that it is like a magic potion, but in reality it is a gift from Mother Nature. The Chinese scholars were aware of the dosage of medicines and they have specified the correct dosages which have to be administered to a patient, to get the best results. The dosage has to be impeccably perfect and only then can you expect the best results. Even today the dosage is extremely important, if you seek the best results.

Green tea culture is more of an art and its knowledge is extremely important, if anybody wants to test its benefits. Over the years the knowledge about green tea has spread from China to other parts of our world. The European countries are very much interested in such alternative medicines, since they do not carry any side effects. Green Tea has become a topic of profound interest for the Europeans nowadays. It is now available in many parts of the world; thanks to the marketing strategies of the global tea giants.

This form of tea is simply pleasure with a healing touch. You feel good after consuming green tea and your body also reacts to it well. It is truly a marvelous gift from nature.

Wu log diet tea – for getting back into a fit and trim shape

Wu Log Diet Tea – For Getting Back Into A Fit and Trim Shape

Wu Long Green Tea or Oolong Tea is the traditional Chinese tea which has immense health enhancing properties. Wu Long Diet Tea is full of anti oxidants which very effectively strengthens your immune system and detoxifies your body to a great extent. So, if you wish to get in shape, look radiant and young and at the same time get more energetic than ever, do make it point to have Wu long green tea at least twice a day.

Another special property of the Wu long diet tea is its slimming property. The Weight loss tea or Wu Long Diet tea are the same, as Wu Long green tea makes the body absorb less fat while it can also burn the accumulated body fat into energy which undoubtedly makes you feel immensely energetic all day long. This weight loss tea especially works wonders around at the mid riff section of the body where most of the body fat has a tendency to get accumulated. With progressing age or due to body constrains, certain people find it difficult to engage in heavy physical exercises in order to obtain the ideal body weight, for them having Wu Long diet tea is probably the best solution to lose weight and get back in shape.

You can always opt for Wu Long slimming programs which are tailor made to suit your requirements. Accordingly, you can opt for a combination of tea bags and tea capsules which you are required to take say within a span of 60 days or 240 days or even 480 days according to number of pounds or kilos you wish to shed. You are required to consume 1 or 2 cups of Wu long green tea and take 1 or 2 tea capsules per day. If you are on weight loss programme, you may be required to take 2 cups of tea along with 2 weight loss tea capsules while those on a maintenance schedule can easily opt for having 1 cup of tea and tea capsule daily.

Wu Long EGCG capsules are made out of all natural Wu Long diet tea which contain Polyphenol, the active ingredient which is works in burning off the extra fat and increase the metabolic rate of your body too. A Wu Long EGCG capsules contain 30 grams of tea leaves while a single capsule can be mixed in 300 – 600 ml cold water, add in the sugar as per your taste and enjoy the drink.

Simply forget the other slimming programmes and schedules which have a strict diet regime and exercise pattern, Switch over to Wu Long Diet Tea, relax and enjoy your normal lifestyle. Let the Wu Long Diet Tea works detoxify, oxidize and work upon your body making you look in shape, young, radiant and glowing more than ever.

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Relax yourself

Relax Yourself? Savoring A Cup Of Tea

Do you like drink tea? I like it very much. I like drink tea when I work before computer, I like drink tea when I read books, I like drink

tea when I rest in a quiet house…Yes, when I drink tea, a relax feeling will come out. Next, let’s know about the culture of tea.
It is said that tea originated over thousand years ago, and China is the homeland of tea, but some also said India, Africa, etc. Tea in

China may be classified into several categories according to the different methods by which it is processed. We can choose one as our own


1)    Green Tea: It is the variety which keeps the original color of the tea leaves without fermentation during processing.
2)    Black Tea: It is different from green tea, being made after fermentation and presents a color of dark red.
3)     Wulong Tea: This kind of tea represents a variety which is situated between the green and the black tea, and being made after

partial fermentation.
4)    Yellow Tea: The processing on making yellow tea is similar with the Green Tea’s, while it should steam for three days during the

5)    White tea: It basically relies on the sun.

There are lots of people from different countries like to enjoy tea. Some countries take the tea enjoying as an art to promote. Why? Why

more and more people like tea? Because tea was first discovered and utilized from the medicine. According to tests prove, the variety

advantages we can find on drinking tea, such as refreshing brain, promoting digestion, lower blood pressure, reducing the harm from

radiation and so forth.

However, there are still some things we should know. First, putting little tea when we want to drink at night and the tea should not be too

stewed for it may not help us to sleep soon. Second, the best time to drink tea is after meal because it is bad for health if empty stomach

especially for those people who are not drink tea usually.

Do you want to try? Savoring a cup of tea when you snatching a bit of leisure from a busy schedule, choose a serene space, and add some

snacks around you, they can help you banish fatigue and frustration, improve your thinking ability and inspire you with enthusiasm.

Effective natural health & beauty products

Effective Natural Health & Beauty Products

All we know well that herbal nutrients are required to support healthy metabolism and maintain functions of our body. Available data indicate that many more vitamins and vitamin-like nutrients are yet to be discovered in herbs today. That is why herbal medicines were used for thousand years to fight diseases and improve body functions. Herbal nutrients have been shown to help heal many maladies, improve general health and specific pathological conditions. Herbs can help fight disease and premature aging, maintain sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle.

Alternative health professionals is a NZ based online shop, offering you the largest range of natural health products, including vitamin supplements. We also offer natural beauty products, herbal medicines and remedies.

At Alternative health professionals you will find information on alternative treatments for mind body and soul within our articles section, and in our online store, you will find naturally good products from aromatherapy supplies to herbal balms and lanolin skincare.

Our all natural herbal supplements are obtained from the herbs proven to be the richest natural sources of specific essential nutrients and are provided in the formulation optimal for assimilation by the body. Herbal antioxidants and essential unsaturated oils are not produced by the body but are required for multiple body functions and promote immunity to keep away diseases.

The essential oils used in aromatherapy are extracted from many parts of the aromatic plant: leaves, stems, flowers, seeds, roots, barks, fruits and resins. The oils are a concentrated form of plant energy possessing the qualities of the particular plant, and are usually many times more potent than the comparable dried herbs.

Now a days mostly people face skin problem. All we have different kind of skin so the treatment must be different. We help you to get the best herbal treatment for your skin. When you start shedding the winter layers of clothing upon spring’s arrival, you will possibly find your skin and scalp are dry and flaky, itchy and uncomfortable. Winter weather dries your skin out. You can bring skin back to a youthful glow by cleansing your body internally and exfoliating and moisturizing your skin.

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