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Organic tea – acup of good health

Organic Tea – Acup of Good Health

For ages tea has been the traditional stress buster. Millions of us start our day with a steaming cup of tea. But those of us who want more out of our tea there is organic or herbal tea. Being organic it is completely free of any harmful chemicals that are so commonly found in almost all plant and animal products. These chemicals not only affect the actual taste and aroma but can be very harmful to your body.

They can accumulate in our organs and cause diseases
Our organic Darjeeling tea combines all the amazing benefits of eta with the purity and health benefits of a herbal tea. Organic herbal tea is light, non addictive fragrant and has the delicate taste for the tea lovers. It is highly recommended for people watching their weight.  It is light on the stomach and our system. It also helps to cleanse our system and relaxed our body. Herbal tea ia said to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure In a nut shell organic oolong tea is the perfect tea for today’s stressful daily life where you need a perfect cup of good health that soothes your senses too.

Our organic Darjeeling tea is available in a variety of exotic flavors to suit your mood and taste. Our quality is one of the best in the industry. Our silver needle tea is specially grown and handpicked to ensure best quality. They are processed and packed with latest techniques to keep the taste and aroma intact for a longer time. That is the reason we are the leaders in organic and herbal tea s with millions of satisfied and loyal consumers who prefer our herbal tea over any other. It is time to switch to organic herbal tea and see the difference it makes to your health and your mood.

What is loose tea

What is loose tea?

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Due to the convenience tea has been served in tea bags for a while but not all teas need to be served in this method. Tea served directly from the tin or box may not come in bags but as loose tea, hence the word loose tea is used.

Loose tea is prepared and ground up and is made without the use of paper or a bag material. All the leaves will come into contact with the hot water and nothing is in between the water and the leaves.

The leaves will generally be packed in a large tin or other solid container. This is to ensure the leaves will not be spilled out.

One of the big reasons why loose tea is the much preferred type of tea to be served is that the loose leaves are not filtered as much as bagged tea. The lack of the filter will allow for a much more favorable and aromatic tea.

A big plus of loose tea is you can control the strength and flavor of the tea by simply adding or removing the quantity of leaves, compared to a standard tea bag which will have a fixed strength. There is no limit to how many leaves makes a good cup of tea and comes to a personal preference.

Loose tea is found in almost every form of tea regardless of the brand and style, from green, oolong and black or fruit teas. Loose leaves are truly the tea of choice as it always individuals to control the flavor and aroma of their tea to their tastes.

Buying tea online is a convenient and economical way to enjoy quality teas

Buying Tea Online is a Convenient and Economical Way to Enjoy Quality Teas

Tea is an amazingly popular drink – in fact, after water it’s the most popular drink in the world! Until fairly recently, most tea drunk in the West was the black variety, but there has been a huge surge in the popularity of other teas, such as green, white and pu-erh. Part of the increased interest in other types of tea has been driven by studies showing that regular consumption can have many health benefits.

Types of tea

Although all tea comes from varieties of the Camellia Sinensis plant, the way in which the tea is processed determines the sort of tea produced. For example, white tea undergoes virtually no processing after it is picked (and consequently is very high in antioxidants); black tea however, is fermented and highly processed, reducing its antioxidant content.

Current studies show that there are many health benefits associated with drinking tea, whichever type you choose.

Why buy tea online?

Whilst these days your local supermarket probably stocks a selection of black and green teas, they are often low quality blends which are inferior to “real” tea. For a large range of quality unblended teas, you will need to go to a specialty outlet. The chances are that you probably don’t have such a shop close to you, so buying tea online is an ideal alternative.

Unlike your local supermarket, specialty online shops are dedicated to, and highly knowledgeable about, the products they sell. You can be safe in the knowledge that you are buying quality teas which have been properly stored to prevent their flavor being impaired. Good online vendors will detail the properties and taste of each tea they sell, and also tell you how best to brew them.

The 4 main benefits of buying tea online

  • Quality: The tea sold in most shops is the low quality blended variety, “real” tea is a different drink altogether.
  • Variety: As well as many types of black and green teas, online vendors normally stock white, yellow, pu-erh and vintage teas.
  • Price: buying online can often be cheaper than in a shop.
  • Convenience: Your purchase is delivered directly to your door.

Organic green tea tablets – health benefits of green tea

Organic Green Tea Tablets – Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Most likely you have heard or heard about the amazing health benefits of green tea. In contrast to black tea, green tea leaves was not fermented and has gone through the slightest amount of processing which makes most of its nutrients intact. Green tea has been widely used by the Chinese people for centuries now and is gaining popularity in the western countries. Researches have shown that green tea provides several possible health benefits.

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Green tea is definitely a good source of potent antioxidants that hunt for free radicals. It contains various compounds such as polyphenols, and flavanols. Epigallocatechin gallate also known as EGCG, is the most powerful of these antioxidants. They maintain DNA intact and they even out the membranes of cells. These effects of green tea extract make it a great support in many health conditions.

Recent studies have also shown that green tea could stop some molecular activities that might be a contributing factor in the formation of cancer in some individuals. The said molecule can trigger genes found in the body including those that might be responsible for cancer development. By fighting off these molecules green tea will be able to prevent many types of cancer cells from ever harming our bodies.

Green tea is also extremely helpful in the treatment of diabetes. It greatly improves the body’s capacity to maintain normal blood sugar levels. These benefits are very advantageous to all individuals who are prone to developing or who have already developed type1 diabetes which is caused by these individual’s inability to produce sufficient amount of insulin.

Finally, studies have also shown that another significant health benefit of green tea is reducing the levels of LDL or also known as the bad cholesterol in the blood and greatly increase the levels of HDL or good cholesterol.

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