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Tea taster: how to become a tea taster

Tea Taster: How to Become a Tea Taster?

TEA TASTER: How to Become a Tea Taster?

Who is a tea taster?

Tea taster is a specialized professional in the tea industry. The job of a tea taster is one among the most gifted careers in the world today. Tea tasting is totally an art, but needs the support of science to upgrade it to a career in the modern tea industry.

Keep taste buds alive.

The tea taster needs to have his or her taste buds alive to understand and differentiate the contents of taste giving alkaloids in the tea samples. His olfactory nerves should active to identify the kind of fragrances that are released by the tea samples in question.

Tea plantation knowledge is essential.

In order to become a tea taster, one should primarily know about the cultivation and manufacturing processes in a tea plantation. He should know all about tea kinds, varieties, and grades and again the characters of the resulting liquors. He should sacrifice certain habits and abstain from smoking, alcohol, tasting strong spicy foods.

Be a lover of Mother Nature.

To learn about all these things, the youth should preferably be a graduate in agriculture, horticulture, biology, home science or interested in food technology. A good tea taster can earn remuneration equal to that of a software engineer, besides a great chance to live in the ambiance of Mother Nature.

Tea is a permanent beverage.

You know among all the beverages, tea is an everlasting one as it has a history of its own for a very many years. This should tell about the permanence of the industry and the tea taster’s job and career too. Tea tasting is a brilliant and fascinating career in the plantation and as well as in the tea trade at an international panorama.

Learn from the tea book: TEA TASTER.

Besides the knowledge of tea cultivation and processing, to gain a perfect knowledge on this tea tasting one should go for a tea book that gives ‘scientific tea testing, tasting and blending techniques”. One should read and enjoy the tea manual with full of illustrations, so that he can apply the techniques when taking up the job of a tea taster.

Traditional tea taster is based by experience.

The tea taster is said to gain knowledge by sipping and tasting a number of cups of raw tea made out of tea samples. “Tea Taster,” using a special and exact spoon, sucks the tea with a sound. This slurping sound is caused by the tea being taken into the mouth at the exact speed of 125 miles per hour. At this speed, the tea explodes at the back of the palate, forming minute mist particles. These particles help the tea taster to tell a story about the tea in volumes. The tea is then expectorated into a pan and the tea taster turns to begin with another cup of tea.

This kind of tasting by the tongue, teeth, gum and inner parts of his buccal cavity without reference to a standard about taste can not construe to a good analysis. This is out of date secret and an art with errors. Errors in art are viewed as spill over of skills. But the truth is that that will end in a tasteless tea.

Modern tea taster is based on scientific methodology.

He has a sound fool proof methodology to identify good teas rich in color, taste and flavor. He has standard reference to compare and fix the color and taste categories and say some thing concrete about the fragrances also. Science will give constant results when the experiments are repeated. This assures a flawless performance at the end.

He combines the goodness of traditional tea tasting with the modern truthful scientific methods. He is capable of confirming the degree of qualitative and functional characters of select teas. This enables him to find their percentage or proportional utility in making desired blending combinations. This is to satisfy the need of every section of the society to enhance the harmony of mankind.

Be calm and active!

Now the tea can bring the briskness to the body and mind on demand. Another tea will make you calm and peaceful and bring solace to the wandering mind. It can create an inner calmness and outer activity which is usually brought about by meditation. Thus the tea taster has a duty to fulfill the expectations by innovations.

The author, Pnk Guru is a Tea Scientist and a Business Strategist requests the pleasure of tea industry to acquire a newer scientific knowledge on tea.

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Tea -the uk retail outlets advertising good tea

Tea -The uk Retail outlets Advertising Good Tea

African people today are known for ones own tea having, however , the fact is that these primarily have over-brewed tea using exploit and then sweetener. For the tea drinker technique whole no-no. So if you’re traveling to Birmingham and want to purchase certain excellence black, oolong, green or else along with white tea, at which when you head. Nevertheless this is our private options of the highest quality tea retail stores london.

The best is Tea Jackson for Spitalfields Industry (6 Lamb Neighborhood, E1 6EA, ). Here you may look into the field of exceptional teas ( blank ) soft White wines, energising Greens, savoury not to mention cutting-edge Oolongs, together with mysterious old Puers. Here you are able to find tea to consider apart and also tune diverse teas within their own tea clubhouse. The products your tea is actually remarkable.

Some other of our standard tea retail outlets is Teaspoon found in Paddington (195 Praed Neighborhood, W2 1RH, ). Here I recieve the best tea right from ?C Natural and organic Dragon Definitely. And also they provide an awesome sampling Natural Silver treasures Filling device Tea ?C it??s lacking in caffeine intake, consequently great for drinking alcohol later in the day.

If you’re during important Birmingham, then this Tea Construction around Covent Back garden (twelve month period Covent Back garden Marketplace, WC2E 8RF ) is the place to help you start meant for. Tea Construction incorporates a large array of high-quality teas make your choice from and as well sell event back packs ?C strategy for a present for the tea-lover in your life. Tea Development tea are often ordered located at Selfridges (seven hundred Oxford Roads, W1A 1AB) and additionally Mitsukoshi (14-20 Regent Roads, SW1Y 4PH)

One additional neat minor tea purchase is actually yumchaa (91/92 Camden Fasten Position, Upper Walkway, Gulf Property, NW1 8AF & forty-five Berwick Road, Soho, W1F 8SF). Yumchaa also have a booth on Portobello Market with Saturdays.

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The naturalness of organic herbal teas

The Naturalness of Organic Herbal Teas

Are you tired of the flavor that your regular tea gives you? Perhaps you want some really fresh tea, not just some dried tea leaves that you can find in a sealed plastic or tea bag that were picked far earlier than the time that you would want to drink it. If you are one of those who feel that you should get only the freshest tea ingredients, then herbal teas are just right for you.

Herbal teas are not your common everyday tea. In fact, you could even order your herbal tea on the day that you will drink it or, perhaps prepare it for some friends who would be coming over. Or maybe you just want to assure yourself that what you are drinking is really healthy, fresh, and that your body gets only the best health benefits coming from fresh ingredients.

You should know that what makes herbal teas attractive is that these are not made from the tea bush (camellia sinensis). They are made from chosen delectable flowers, leaves, seeds, as well as roots of herbal plants.

If you are wondering if there is a unique way of preparing organic herbal teas, there is actually none. It would still be like your common tea where you have to pour several cups of water on it and let it seep in for 3 to 5 minutes to ensure a quality tea afterwards.

Same with other teas, organic herbal teas assure you of an unadulterated tea. This means that the ingredients used were not infused with any synthetic chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides. By adhering to this type of tea, you are also protecting your body from the harmful side effects of a continuous intake of synthetic chemicals unseen in non-organic herbs or plants.

When you decide on purchasing food or your tea, always make sure that you get an all natural kind of tea such as organic herbal teas. When you patronize this kind of tea at home, you are assured of the health benefits provided by tea, as well as the intake of only natural unadulterated ingredients.

Wu yi green tea

Wu Yi Green Tea

When looking for the newest diet ideas you need look no further than Wu Yi Green tea. You will see it referenced repeatedly on line and in print. Despite the awesome claims of users, you may be wondering just what Wu Yi Green Tea actually is.

As you may have guessed from the name this is a Chinese tea. It is not actually a purely green tea. This tea is one of the most famous and most expensive of the Oolong teas. This tea comes in somewhere between black tea and green.

Not sweet like the black and less grassy tasting than the green, oolong tea is considered a blue-green tea. Brewed to be strong the bitterness actually leaves a sweet aftertaste.

This famous tea gets its name from the area in which it grows, the Wuyi Mountains of northern Fujian. It is processed like so:

• Wilted, preferably in the sunlight to remove part of the moisture.

• Cooled in a shady area.

• Leaves are gently tossed to bruise them, this aids in oxidation.

• Cooling and tossing are repeated several times.

• Stop the oxidation process using high heat. The leaves are often stir fried, of course in large-scale production there is a machine that does this job.

• Roll the leaves into strands or small balls

• Roast the leaves over low heat to remove any remaining moisture.

• Package and ship

In China tea is very important not only as a staple drink but in medicine and tradition. Chinese practitioners have used herbal teas for generations as a part of holistic healing. Tea is also important from a symbolic standpoint, it can be used as a sign of submission, apology or as a wedding toast. It is such an ingrained part of the culture that it is considered one of the seven daily necessities.

Knowing where Wu Yi tea comes from and its importance in the society from whence it came gives confidence that there is indeed something special about this tea. Chinese people have been developing and using tea for thousands of years in medicine and celebration, and this tea is one of only two that are considered “famous” Chinese teas.

The popularity of this tea in China and elsewhere stems from the excellent antioxidant properties and polyphenal, a metabolism booster. The metabolism booster is great for weight loss, and as a bonus, you will have clearer skin, stronger bones and a strengthened immune system. That is a lot of pluses in a cup of tea!

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