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Black loose tea – helps to reduce the risk of stroke, decrease coronary heart disease risks

Black Loose Tea – Helps To Reduce The Risk Of Stroke, Decrease Coronary Heart Disease Risks

Black tea is one of the most common types of tea available on the market, but that simply does not take away from its healthful qualities. Black loose tea can be used to reduce the risk of stroke, decrease coronary heart disease risks and even helps the digestive tract when drank due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

Not only does this help with upset stomach, but it helps to keep concentration high and sharpens mental acuity and focus. Even with all these health related facts, the one fact that remains the number one reason for tea drinkers choosing this tea is the taste. There are many varieties of black loose tea such as Summer Kiss, Ambrosia, Black Currant Organic and Black Night among many others.

Black loose tea can be brewed as easily as bagged tea, and normally has more flavor than bagged teas. Brewing loose teas can be as fun as tasting the many varieties of sensual and colorful teas.

Summer Kiss black loose tea is an organic tea that blends flowery accents with organically grown black tea. A very unique taste that is a mix of sweet and tart, this blend offers red rosebud, purple mountain rose hips and hibiscus for flavor.

Ambrosia includes safflower, a flowery orange pekoe, berry plants and red safflower petals to this summer-time tea. The safflower is a great source of oils that have been medicinally used for centuries to help women keep a regular period as well as keep the skin healthy and vibrant. Sweet marjoram and hibiscus round out this all over exhilarating tea flavor.

Black Currant tea offers orange pekoe black tea with black currants and leaves for an iron packed healthy drink including potassium. Natural sweetness from the currants gives an unforgettable fruity taste to this exotic dark tea.

Black night tea is very robust, with a hint of a sweet taste. There is a strong aroma and flavor associated with this tea that helps it to be recognized when among many other teas. Black loose tea incorporated with high levels of anti-oxidants and caffeine, this tea will hold its strong flavor for years due to the oxidization of the leaves. This is a great tea to start your Monday morning when you really need a jolt to get going.

Darjeeling tea is another variety of black loose tea. This tea offers a light apricot color when brewed, and has a smooth and subtle floral flavor with the spiciness that Darjeeling is known for. This is considered the ‘champagne’ of teas and is widely used for afternoon drinking, as an accent for many meat containing meals.

Earl Grey is another black loose tea that is very popular. Made of full dark leaves of the orange pekoe, this tea offers a touch of indigo coloring from cornflower petals. Earl Grey offers a bergamot fruity and slightly sweet flavor, and is considered a breakfast classic.

Passion Fruit Gold is a black loose tea that offers a warm touch to all black tea blends. The dark tea offers a very full flavor that is unmatched in any other variety. The natural sweetness of black tea with calendula blossoms offers this tea the unmistakable taste that is perfect for any time of year.

Black loose teas are known worldwide for being the most popular teas. Once the health benefits are seen and the taste is experienced, it is no wonder that black loose teas are as widely consumed as they are.

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Tea weight loss program – how often can you safely drink it

Tea Weight Loss Program – How Often Can You Safely Drink It?

Finding the right tea weight loss program is not really hard. All you need to do is get the right information about the tea that is safe and effective, and make the weigh loss program that is appropriate for you.

It is sensible not to believe on anything that you hear on commercial ads or read on magazine about specific tea products. It is always wise to dig the facts presented and find out if they are all true. Not all teas are safe, it may be able to lose weight but some add-on ingredients or other organic products added are hazardous to your health. Take for example, the Japanese Anise, Ma Huang, and Fen-fen. These three types of plants are not good for your health because it can cause high blood pressure including a rapid and irregular heart beats.

Once you find the tea that fits your taste, you can start incorporating it with your diet. It is okay if you drink tea before or after meal. You can be sure that it is still alright and will not threaten your health. Take note that in Asia, particularly in China and Japan, drinking tea during meal time is already part of their lifestyle for centuries, even up to now. And you never heard of someone who suffered with his or her health because of drinking tea three times or even more everyday. People who drink tea are noted to be healthy aside from being lean. They are prevented from contracting heart ailments, cancer, tooth cavity, and other disease because their immune systems are boosted up.

Although, tea is already a good protection for your overall health and can definitely loose weight because it intensifies your metabolism, which enables your body to burn calories and stored fats. But it is also helpful if you will incorporate a good amount of exercise so that your muscles and skin will firm up. It will also promote strong bones. This kind of tea weight loss program is a winning method that will strengthen your entire body.

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Delicious pu-erh teas – pu erh health benefits

Delicious Pu-Erh Teas – Pu Erh Health Benefits

This name may sound unusual to you but this is one of the oldest teas that Chinese people are drinking since ages. The name Pu-erh tea originates from an area in China that has the same name. Plant or tree from which this tea is extracted only grows in Yunnan province located in china.

Pu-erh Teas can be termed as an extended version of black tea. Black tea is usually sold or is consumed fresh, but pu-erh teas are allowed to age after the fermentation process and then consumed. Like wine this tea also gets better and better with the passing of time. This tea is very expensive in China; the oldest tree grows the best pu-erh which is usually used for medical reasons (mainly used for better digestion). It is also used at fat reducing medicine or to lower the cholesterol content in the body.

If you have never tried this tea before then you may find its taste quite different in comparison to white tea or green tea. But this vintage wealth it’s worth a try.

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Of tea cups and tea stores

Of Tea Cups and Tea Stores

Have you ever wished for a place where you can find all types of teas and simply take a whiff of each one before buying? You can experience this in a tea store. If you do not have one in your place, then you might want to try going to a place where you can find a tea store to your liking.

Since people nowadays have become health conscious, and that they have known about the health benefits that they get from tea, a tea store would always be around to attend to these needs. Most often, these great stores would be designed in wood to reflect the nature of teas, being natural and delicate altogether.

When you enter a tea store, you will immediately smell the aroma of a combination of the delightful scents of different teas. You will instantly notice lots of jars placed on shelves with different labels of each kind of tea. Some stores would let you open each bottle with all the tea leaves inside it, and would let you take a whiff of the appealing aroma of each one. This is actually a very delightful experience, right?

You will find all types of teas in tea stores. These include teas harvested or produced from other parts of the world such as India, China, and Japan. So you no longer need to buy a plane ticket and go to these places in order for you to savor the exquisite teas that they produce. Being there in that store would simply be enough.

If you prefer tea bags or loose leaf teas, you can just choose from the myriads of choices of teas available in a great tea store. Whatever kind that you want, whether the rare white ones or the popular black ones, you can always find them in any form.

A visit to a tea store would really prove to be a wonderful experience. A special tea that you have been dreaming to taste would be available to you as a loose leaf tea or in a tea bag. The best thing is, you would always go home knowing that you have bought something that would bring you good health.

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