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Best weight loss tea

Best Weight Loss Tea

Not everyone like weight loss pills and tablets. However, there are some other ways to lose weight and one of the best such ways to shed those extra pounds is with the help of weight loss tea.

Tea has been drunk in China for thousands of years for various sort of health benefits. There are various varieties of tea such as puerh, oolong etc., that are quite well known and can help you get rid of those extra pounds without any side effects.

This is one of the major benefits of such tea. They can help reduce fat in your body. This is possible since having tea after a fatty meal slows down the production of Insulin from carbohydrates and sugars.

This ensures fat loss. This is because Insulin is the hormone that is responsible for storing fat in your body and reduced secretion of Insulin after having leans ensures that less and less fat is being deposited in your body.

Not only this, there are many other benefits of such weight loss tea such as increased immunity, improved stamina and overall health.

Not only this, it also acts as an anti aging agent and slows down the effect of aging.

It can also help reduce cholesterol. This can bring about a huge difference in your energy levels and overall health.

However, not all herbal weight loss tea are equally effective. A lot of them come with large claims and bonuses but fall short on their promises.

This is largely because of the quality of the ingredients used.

Top of the line weight loss tea is a combination of various varieties of tea such as Wuyi Cliff, Sanchen, Puerh and Oolong to provide the best results.

Get Slim with the Best Weight Loss Tea that has gained immense popularity over the past few years.

Yellow tea – the “royal” tea of china

Yellow Tea – The “Royal” Tea of China. -A Variety of Green Tea

Yellow tea is a variety of green tea, and it is renowned as the “royal” tea of China.  Like green teas and black teas, yellow teas are not subject to special growing or harvesting.

All green teas go straight from the harvest to a process that the tea industry calls the “kill-green.” The “kill-green” process stops all oxidization at the desired level.  Black teas get a lot more special treatment, as they are wilted, then bruised, and then allowed to turn black in the air as they oxidize, while green tea and yellow tea receive none of this processing.

The yellow tea leaves then get a special moist reheating, in a closed container.  This reheat causes the leaves to develop their unique greenish-yellow color.  The flavor of yellow tea is variously described as earthier and more mellow than the astringent green and black teas, although not as sweet as some black or white teas.

In China, yellow tea is definitely a luxury item, and is priced accordingly.  In the common language, any tea served by the Royal Court is yellow tea!  In practice, however, yellow tea is usually defined by the location of its growth.

In the center of China, in the province of Hunan, there is a large lake called Dongting Lake, famous for the tea leaves grown on one island near the center of the water on Junshan Island.  The tea grown there is called Junshan Yinzhen tea, or “Silver Needles of the Gentleman Mountain.”  This yellow tea is considered to be one of the best in China.

We can get a real appreciation of the role of tradition in China when we look at the tea industry.  There is a popular and completely unofficial list of teas called the Chinese Famous Teas, and the teas on this list differ on almost every source.

There is only one item that has the same position on each list – longjing tea, a green tea from the coastal province of Zhejiang, is always the first!  The culture has obviously passed its verdict.  Yellow teas, however, are not prominent on most the Chinese Famous Teas compilations, and Junshan Yinzhen tea is the most prominent yellow tea listed.  The popular tradition does not embrace the “royal tea is better” principle!

Tea makers in China, however, rarely employ grading and certifications of quality and fraudulent labels are common, even in the case of yellow tea.  Shoppers in China are best served by noting local traditions, instead of checking for “official” labels.

The system is improving in recent decades, however, as the producers of top-quality teas are beginning to provide careful labeling and certifications of their products.

The most carefully labeled yellow teas generally are the Junshan Yionzhen from Junshan Island in Hunan Province, and the Huoshan Huangya yellow tea from Mount Ibo in Anhui Province.

To Buy or Try a Sample Please Go To –

Iced tea makers and coffee makers for iced tea

Iced Tea Makers and Coffee Makers for Iced Tea

Warm weather has now set in and its iced tea weather. Do you buy an iced tea maker or do you use a coffee maker? The Hamilton Beach model 40911 iced tea maker is stylish and compact. Speaking from experience, it brews fabulous tasting iced tea in under ten minutes. With this maker you can adjust the brew strength to your liking. The attractive white d?cor of the maker includes a clear stain-resistant pitcher. This pitcher fits inside a refrigerator door for handy access. Once you learn the right adjustment for the strength to your liking, you have an already-programmed setting for brewing perfect iced tea every time the way you want it. When making tea you can choose bags or loose tea, regular black, flavored or an herbal tea. There is an indicator light that shows the tea maker is on and will automatically shutoff after brewing so you do not have to worry if you forget to turn the maker off. 

 The Mr. Coffee TM75 ice tea maker is a 3 quart, 98 ounces, in size and has a fast brew cycle that will satisfy anyone who is thirsting for a better maker? It has the ability to make 3 quarts of perfectly brewed tea, and is considered a great choice for iced tea lovers. The removable brew basket means you will spend less time on cleanup, leaving more time to enjoy your delicious iced tea. This maker allows you to make iced tea or iced coffee in less than 10 minutes. You can use bags, loose or any variety of tea that you want. The pot heats the water to just short of boiling, around 190 degrees, which the perfect steeping temperature. Your tea, once brewed and iced will be cool and refreshing and is a joy to pour from your easy-to-pour pitcher. You will have it made in the shade with the TM75 Mr. Coffee® iced tea maker. Later, you can easily empty the tea bags or leaves from the removable steeping basket. Just rinse the filter basket and pat dry. You are done, except put the pitcher with remaining tea in the fridge or wash the container out with soap and water and dry. Hope you had a nice time in the shade.

 Prcotor Silex 49654 is a Black hot beverage & hot chocolate maker that comes with a 10 oz. ceramic mug.  It quickly boils up to 1-4/7 quarts, 50 ounces, of hot water for tea, hot chocolate, soups and more. It offers instant drip-free serving; just press the top to pour. There is no need to twist the lid. Keeping your beverage inside the coffee maker keeps it fresh for hours. This coffee maker makes iced coffee and iced tea. However, there are two things to remember. Do not put the tea bags in the top until after the water has boiled for better taste; and it is best to use bags when making iced tea here. This coffee maker has an automatic shutoff as well.  

 The Toastess model TFC326 is a black coffee, tea and hot chocolate maker that also comes with a 10 ounce mug. It is perfect for people on the go. It also quickly boils up to 1 4/7 quarts of hot water for hot beverages, hot chocolate, soups and more. This stylish coffee maker is a 1500-watt cordless electric jug kettle with a permanent nylon coffee filter, no more paper filters needed. The permanent filter is attractive for coffee or tea use as it will hold loose tea leaves and offers less mess to clean up. Once the leaves have dried a little bit on the filter they will fall out of the filter when turned upside and given a tap. This coffee/tea, iced tea maker has an illuminated On/Off switch and a water level window. The opening from the filter fits a variety of mug sizes.

 Which unit is best for you is for you to decide. All have easy clean-up, but offer different ways of making different amounts of iced tea. The two coffee makers require iced cubes already made in your freezer. Whatever you choose; do enjoy some iced tea of your choice this summer. For more information see:

Chinese tea – the natural secret for a healthier life

Chinese Tea – The Natural Secret For A Healthier Life

Have you tried a cup of delicious Chinese tea? If not, you really should. There are a variety of good health benefits that stem from this particular type of tea. Not only can it help lower your blood pressure, but it can also help you lose weight and look your best. How does this work? It’s easy, really. Chinese tea contains ingredients that help boost your body’s metabolism. The benefit of this for you is that the faster your metabolism happens to be, the more prone you are to lose weight. This is because your body will process the foods you eat faster and will not retain as much as body fat. Is this safe? It’s absolutely safe — and effective, too. To know more about this Chinese slimming tea, visit Cho Yung Tea.

What a lot of people often wonder is if they can potentially get the benefits of this type of Chinese tea without having to drink large quantities of it. Yes, you can. Just try and be consistent with the times in which you drink this kind of tea. For example, some people choose to have some when they have lunch everyday. This is a particularly good time to have this kind of tea given the fact that you are basically having it with a meal. Not only that, but it will start to take effect long before it’s time to go to sleep. Many people often don’t like the idea of drinking Chinese tea because they’re afraid it will keep them awake at night. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about this if you happen to drink it earlier in the day, like at around lunch.

Here’s the bottom line: Chinese tea can easily become a major part of your daily life if you let it. Once you start to see the positive results you get from it, you’ll never want to go back to anything else.

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