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Wulong tea for weight loss lies and misinformation

Wulong Tea for Weight Loss Lies and Misinformation

People are becoming more and more confused over the plethora of articles and self serving blog posts about Oolong tea claiming knowledge about a topic they know nothing about. As soon as a researcher giving oolong tea to rats mentioned “weight loss” that was the open door for the scam artists to go into overdrive and proclaim that Oolong tea is now clinically proven to solve the worlds’ weight loss problems.

Manipulation of facts for monetary gain is now the norm on just about every Oolong tea website claiming magical weight loss properties. Even celebrities have been dragged into the arena either knowingly for financial reward or unwittingly like Oprah and Rachel Ray. The websites are cleverly designed with big celebrity pictures and the overall impression is to strongly imply that celebrities are drinking and endorsing the vendors own brand of Oolong tea weight loss product.

That is an example of Oolong tea website owners using half truths with a spin designed to fool people into buying their supposed weight loss tea product. Confusion brought about by deliberate mis-information. A while back, January 26th 2004 to be more specific, the Wall Street Journal published an article by Jennifer Saranow titled “Steeped in Confusion”. (Full Article) Since this time nothing has changed to keep the public properly informed on the benefits, or otherwise, of drinking tea on a regular basis for either natural health or weight loss purposes.

Like anything else related to losing weight and health, the FDA and other similar global agencies have no interest in the rampant lies and deceit. It quite literally takes a death or two for them to take action against the people producing these pills and potions as in the case of the weight loss compound Trimspa which was linked to the unfortunate death of Anna Nicole Smith. It is important to realize that the FDA is primarily about making sure that a product has been demonstrated to be safe so on the rare occasion that you see a weight loss product with ‘FDA Approved’ stamped on the label it absolutely does not mean that it will work and slim you down. Most weight loss products have an FDA disclaimer in the small print somewhere saying it is NOT FDA approved.

Of course, since 2004 there have been numerous studies and clinical trials with various Oolong teas more geared toward humans than laboratory animals, and although many of the results are looking promising as we gain more understanding into the world of polyphenols, anti oxidants, flavonoids and theaflavins as they impact our natural health from the drinking of Green, White, Oolong and Black Teas we must always remember not to take what the sellers of these weight loss tea packages tell us at face value.

Flavored teas

Flavored teas

Tea also comes in a variety of methods. Distinctive tasting tea is much more prominent rather than different types of tea because they are created from each individual variety for the tea. Flavoured teas substantial investment liked by individuals because of the preferences more effective thrilled to display supplies a enhance intended for anyone who is tired among having same types of tea on a daily basis. Just about the most most important an element throughout obtaining the tasty blend will be the grade of their tea bottom.

Tea is usually harvested in various gardening purposes everywhere accross the planet. It’s always imported for this ideal home gardens and is carefully sown to generate the perfect tea leaves. Available many forms among tea you can find today. Variations regarding options happen to be become inside various forms associated with back yards.

Your needs your tea will change from mode and also the their environment the place where its provided and additionally refined. It comes in so many different makes and is also simply made by Camellia sinensis vegetable, though different types of harvesting as well as the control procedures add more several flavour towards the simply leaves. The flavour can be added during the tea renders when plucking these folks and developing them in a diverse option.

On the subject of black tea, may style that’s drank in major extent in several west locations. A black tea will be the level of tea that could be fermented beyond all other variety. The particular fermentation method has color selection and additionally wonderful quality to that form of tea. And additionally upon the process of drying out it external it differences the country’s colouring to great reddish colored. This is the particularly healthful drink in addition to in terms of that fermentation process is worried, black tea receives variations within the oxidation grade.

Green tea is simply not fermented. Retains of the green tea seem to be dried up in addition to withered and then which is really packed and even ranked. The particular green tea has become the best selling style of tea in Offshore and various nations as it allows for distinct health improvements in order to our system. In pondering needing a cup with tea in its herbal procedure perhaps you can coffee various green tea retains in the kettle and enjoy the grassy flavour. Truly tea is best with most kinds of tea and it is worshiped ready for its various rewards. Green tea has been used for over 2000 long time found in Chinese suppliers and people above organizations with it to step back through a number of problems.

Whitened tea might be unfermented as well; for that reason, you’ll find it possesses related gains in addition to rewards regarding our system due to that surrounding green tea. Whitened tea takes a different approach belonging to the green tea because it really is harvested quickly. These bright tea is normally cut down early in the year year before the launching belonging to the marijuana buds together with usually they are even so coated utilizing white colored mane.

Every one the above mentioned varieties together with different ways among China tea happen to be evenly very theraputic for your health. It’s possible you’ll use any person far removed from these individuals as outlined by up to you along with taste so that you could remain off distinctive disease which experts claim assault people more presently.

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Tava tea for safe natural weight loss

Tava Tea For Safe Natural Weight Loss

Weight loss teas are now much more accessible around the globe and affordable these days but being able to decide which kinds of teas are worth buying and of which are really going to give you the weight loss achievements that you are aiming for can be hard. Even more difficult is knowing which tea will not contribute to any unwanted side effects. The mixture of different teas that you will find is huge and you will have to mull over many factors and do your research before you choose to fritter away cash on a weight loss drink that may be of absolutely no benefit whatsoever. However, Tava Tea is widely thought to be a more superior tea of very high performance that is naturally made and totally pure so as a result should not have the health dangers that some teas can provide.

 Tava Tea is not only a invigorating beverage, it is highly effective cleanser and detoxifier and enables the user to achieve great weight loss results by halting one’s appetite and giving a boost to the metabolism. Not only this, it is extremely beneficial for other aspects of your health and fitness. As well as being a pleasant tasting and very hearty tea.

 With a wide range of advantages you can discover for yourself the truly powerful antioxidant powers of Tava Tea. It is filled to the brim with crucial vitamins, minerals and amino acids that other more substandard oriental teas may lack. Tava Tea can even help to diminish harmful cholesterol levels and improve mental lucidity, it has been exposed to be very useful at relieving sadness and shock due to its soothing properties. Tava Tea can even help with the anti-aging process and combat free radicals, it can help repair the injury caused to the system by unsafe outside influences in a very resourceful, yet simple and most importantly, natural manner and gives you all that you need in only one cup to two cups daily.

 Tava Tea can only be obtained through the official internet site and the makers give a lengthy six month money back guarantee so you can purchase with confidence. Who would have thought that you could experience good health by simply supping a cup of tea everyday? Well now it is possible, with Tava Tea you too can benefit from a long-lasting, prosperous and healthy life.

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Pu-erh tea found to help lower cholesterol and high blood pressure

Pu-erh Tea found to help lower cholesterol and high blood pressure

On your next trip to a Chinese restaurant, see if you’ll be served a deep, dark brownish red tea with a fascinatingly earthy yet mellow taste.  Chances are, this is the famed and highly-valued pu-erh tea that many of the finest Chinese eateries serve their clients after a hearty meal.

Pu-erh tea is widely used as an after-meal beverage due to its famed ability to break fat, lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and thus contribute to smooth digestion.

Pu-erh tea is considered among the oldest and most valuable types of tea in China.   Pu-erh tea is derived from the large leaf variety of the camellia sinensis plant from where green tea, black tea and oolong tea are also obtained.  During the golden era of the ancient Chinese Empire, pu-erh tea was given as a tribute to the Emperor.  It was also used as medium of exchange for trading goods.

Pu-erh tea is quite distinctive from other tea varieties as it is usually obtained in a compressed state instead of the usual loose leaf state.  The tea leaves are pressed together during processing into different shapes but mostly ball or brick shaped.  The resultant ‘tea bricks’ are then aged for some time, and sold to customers.  When making a pot of tea, a small portion of the brick is detached and placed in newly-boiled water for steeping.

Its name “pu-erh” is derived from the Pu-erh county in the Yunnan province of southwestern China where the tea is produced.  The tea is grown in elevations of up to 2,000 meters as its cultivation is enhanced by cool and pure air and fertile lands.

Pu-erh tea, when taken on a consistent basis, is widely thought to aid in reducing bad cholesterol levels and regulating high blood pressure.  This in turn, plays a vital role in staving off heart disease and stroke.  This is because the tea is believed to be effective in breaking down the oily and fatty content of food, thus facilitating the digestive process and speeding up metabolism.  It also helps in ‘melting’ and clearing out the toxins that line the intestines and the stomach.

Pu-erh tea is likewise believed to be imbued with potently strong qi or the body’s life energy that contributes in boosting the flow of blood and overall circulation. This can help cure minor aches and pains.

So the next time you partake of a tasty and sumptuous meal that’s laden with fat and oils, remember to close the meal with a nice hot cup of flavorful pu-erh tea.  Aside from being pleasant-tasting, you will benefit from its ability to gently help digest the meal, thus leaving you feeling refreshed and healthy.

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