Brew the best tea

Brew the Best Tea

Just as brewing the perfect cup of coffee there are simple rules to follow to steep the perfect cup of tea. Steeping the perfect cup of tea has been turned into an art form in many cultures. In fact the perfect tea service in the Japanese culture is a practice that takes many years to master. Steeping the perfect cup of tea is in part a science and is also part of an art form for individual preferences.

To steep the perfect cup of tea you must first begin with high quality water. Artisan water is preferred for the perfect cup of tea but is not necessary. If you use tap water be sure to allow the water to run for at least 30 to 45 seconds before filling the tea kettle. This will ensure that the water is fresh. It is also important to begin with cold water. Even though you will be heating the water in the tea kettle for the perfectly steeped tea you will need the freshest, coldest water possible. You will also always want to begin with an clean, empty tea kettle, never use water that has been sitting around in a tea kettle.

While you are waiting for your tea kettle to come to a boil you will want to preheat your tea pot. You can preheat your tea pot by adding hot water to the tea pot. Preheating the tea pot does two things, first it will prevent your tea pot from cracking when the boiling hot water is added to it. This can occasionally occur when a room temperature tea pot has boiling water added to it. This process is especially important if your tea pot is stored where it is below room temperature. This is also an important process to ensure that the tea is kept at the perfect temperature. Putting the boiling water into a colder tea pot will cool the water too fast not allowing the tea leaves to properly steep. If you are only making a single cup of tea this process should be applied to your tea cup prior to steeping your tea.

Once your water has come to a boil, remove the water heating your tea pot or cup. You will need to measure out your tea leaves. The amount of tea to use per cup depends on the type of tea you are using and your personal preference. For a stronger cup of tea you will use more tea leaves or tea bags for a weaker cup of tea you will use less tea leaves or tea bags. This is the art form that must be perfected by the drinker for their own perfectly steeped tea. The average tea drinker will use one teaspoon of tea leaves per cup. If you are using loose tea leaves you can add them directly to the pot or use an infuser that can be placed directly in the tea pot. If you are using tea bags you will want to use one tea bag for one to two cups of tea. This will also depend on the size of tea bags you are using.

Once your tea kettle has come to boil you will want to immediately remove it from the heat. Over boiling your water can cause your tea to taste flat. You will want to immediately pour the water into the tea pot and cover allowing it to steep. If you are using green or white tea you will want your water to cool slightly before pouring it over your tea bags or tea leaves.

The time your tea is required to steep depends on how strong you want your tea. Typically smaller leaves steep faster only requiring two to three minutes, medium leaves should steep for three to five minutes and larger leaves no longer than six minutes. No tea should steep longer than six minutes. If a tea is allowed to steep longer than six minutes it will taste bitter.

Once your tea has steeped to the desired strength then it is time to remove the tea bags or tea leaves. If they are allowed to remain in the pot, the tea will continue to steep and will become bitter. Use a tea cozy or other device to keep your tea at the desired temperature. A tea cozy works well to keep the tea warm while you are enjoying it.

Following these secrets will allow you to brew a perfect cup of tea every time. To add sugar and lemon always add the sugar first and the lemon second. In English tradition you should always add the milk to the glass first before pouring the tea. You will be able to provide yourself and your company the perfectly steeped cup of tea every time.

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