Common mistakes of drinking tea

Common Mistakes of Drinking Tea

In fact, drinking tea should depend on your physical condition. Medical studies have shown that person’s constitution have difference between dryness-hot and asthenia-cold, at the same time, through a different manufacturing process, the tea is also distinguished to cool and warm nature of the points, so different tea is fit for different persons. Dryness-hot persons should drink cool tea; asthenia-cold persons shall drink warm tea.
Best to drink green tea at night. Because green tea belong to unfermented sort, the tea polyphenol are higher and have maintained its original nature, it possesses relatively strong irritative. While black tea is fully fermented tea, tea polyphenols though is not much, but after “aging” process, the irritative is weak, benign and suitable for evening drinking. Particularly for people who have weak stomach, drank black tea and add a little of milk, which can warm the stomach.  However, to those who are more sensitive or easily agitated to emotions, sleep in poor condition and body are weak, should be better to drink less tea in the evening. In addition, put less tea leaf in the evening tea and do not get too thick. The best time to drink tea is after dinner, as an empty stomach will damage the body, especially for people who rarely drink tea, will inhibit gastric secretion, impede digestion, even can cause severe heart palpitations, headaches and other “tea drunk” phenomenon .
Several common mistakes of drinking tea
First, like to drink new tea.
As the new tea usually is stored for a short time, contains much polyphenols, aldehydes, alcohols and other substances that without oxidation, which have strong stimulating effect to human gastrointestinal mucosa, easy to induce stomach. So the new tea should be less to drink, especially those kept less than half of month should be forbid.
Second, head over the tea drinking
As the pesticide pollution and other harmful materials during the cultivation and processing, there are always some residual things on the surface, so head over the tea can be used as washings and should be discarded.
Third, fasting tea
Fasting tea could dilute the gastric juices and reduce digestive function, coupled with the high rate of water absorption, will result in a large number of tea undesirable elements into the blood, trigger dizziness, palpitation, weakness in limbs and other symptoms.
Forth, after dinner tea
Tea contains large amounts of tannic acid, tannic acid can react with iron in foods, to produce new substances that are difficult to dissolve. So Iron deficiency will be caused by over time, and even induced anemia. The correct way is: one hour after the meal and then drink tea.
Fifth, fever patients drinking tea
Tea contains theophylline, could elevate body temperature, the fever patient drinking tea is no different from “adding fuel to fire.”
Sixth, ulcer patients drinking tea
The caffeine in tea can promote gastric acid secretion, increased gastric acid concentration, induced ulcer or even perforation.
Seventh, drinking tea in menstrual period
Drinking tea during menstruation, in particular, drinking concentrate tea, can induce or aggravate menstrual syndrome. Medical experts found that, compared with non-tea drinkers, there are 2.4 times higher risk of menstrual stress disorder to those tea drinkers. Drinking tea more than four cups a day is increased three-fold.
Eight, always the same
Seasonal climate throughout the year is different, so types of tea should be adjusted accordingly.

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