Green tea weight loss diet – is it possible

Green Tea Weight Loss Diet – Is it Possible?

The green tea weight loss diet plan has been tried by many people across the world. Since it was popularized from China, these goods had been introduced everywhere. Variations of tea are common. You can have Japanese tea, English tea, Taiwan tea and so on. But we all know that it was originated in China. Well, you know the story. From accidentally discovering it, it became part of their culture. Tea has become part of the identity of Chinese and Japanese people.

Why is green tea good for weight loss? What makes it superior in contrast with other diet plan? This is because you do not have to do anything but drink it. This beverage does not have an unsavory taste. All tea drinkers love the taste and the aroma. If all diet plans are as good as tea, then all diet methods can be as successful as this beverage.

What makes tea effective is that it curbs your carbohydrate intake and at the same time it intensifies the process of metabolism, allowing your body to consume all the energy that your system has generated. These positive effects in your body are made possible because of the substances and nutrients that are found in tea. What are these substances present in this specific drink? The Camellia sinensis, the raw ingredients in tea, has epigallocatechin gallate, a very powerful antioxidant.

Drinking pure tea is free from calories. So you do not have to worry if you drink it every meal time.

Aside from enhancing your metabolism, the tea has the capacity to lower the blood sugar or reducing insulin production. In this manner, it blocks the fats from being imbued into your system and as being mentioned, it suppresses your appetite.

Aside from that health benefit mentioned above, there are other benefits that consumers can have from drinking tea. For example, it can also help lower LDL or bad cholesterol. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial in your oral health. There are numerous benefits that one can get from green tea weight loss diet.

Discover Tava Tea – a unique blend of three powerful teas namely Sencha, Oolong (Wu Long), Puerh species. Here are the benefits you will get – Burns 2.5 times more calories than Green Tea; Reduces the fattening effects when eating carbs; Fights the signs of aging with antioxidants; Completely natural, organically grown, certified by CERES and USDA.

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Organic green tea

Organic Green Tea

We all worry about our health and our family’s health and about using too many drugs to cure these illnesses. With use of organic green tea in your daily lives you may not have to worry too much about the health ailments. Tea, in general, has been known for its medicinal properties and it comes in four varieties – the black tea, the oolong tea, the green tea, and the white tea. Organic green tea, also known as organic herbal teas or organic Darjeeling tea, are especially more beneficial for our health. The Chinese have been known for drinking Organic green tea for 4,000 years. The reason for its popularity could be attributed to its richness in anti-oxidants, such as, catechin polyphenols and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

Organic herbal teas are not just used in food products but also in beauty products. Organic green tea is made from the plant called ‘camellia sinensis’ and is more rich than other teas due to the way it’s processed. Organic Darjeeling tea is obtained by steaming the leaves instead of fermentation process (used for other teas). This helps in ensuring that EGCG is not oxidised by the way of fermentation.

Organic green tea is known to cure many illnesses, such as, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular diseases, infections, etc. Another very popular use is to lose weight as Organic herbal teas are known for burning more calories. Many experts believe that EGCG in green tea helps in curing cancer by destroying the cancerous cells without harming healthy cells. Organic Darjeeling tea is also known to help in lowering LDL cholesterol which slows down abnormal formation of blood clots in the body (known as thrombosis). It also prevents tooth decay by killing the bacteria in plaque.

Those allergic to caffeine must not drink organic green tea while pregnant women must take it in moderation.  Always store your tea in air tight containers in a cool and dry area. One must always brew fresh tea instead of drinking the stale one. You should avoid drinking the tea at night as it will hamper your sleep. In case you are hungry, do not take tea as it will increase your hunger. Stay healthy with Organic herbal tea.

Is green tea decaffeinated

Is Green Tea Decaffeinated? Here’s an Interesting Fact

Nowhere is that choice more prevalent than in what we drink and one beverage that many people consume on a daily basis is tea. The variety that many of us are now drinking for it’s health benefiting reasons, is green tea. But, more specifically when you begin to look at that particular market segment, what some of us may be asking themselves is green tea decaffeinated?

Well, maybe the direct answer is no it’s not. Just like ordinary tea has a decaffeinated option so has green tea. It’s certainly grown in popularity due to a number of reasons. One of which is its use as a dietary supplement for people who follow a weight loss or weight control regimen.

Where it becomes a bit more controversial or perhaps we should call it a bit of a grey area, is in how effective the normal and decaffeinated green teas are at delivering these often stated health benefits. Some respected studies and reports do indicate that there are noticeable differences in the amount of antioxidants between the two.

It’s these potent antioxidants that are attributed to many of the claims about green tea being such an effective and protective tool for a myriad of conditions and maladies. So, what they found out was that there is a lower amount of these substances in the decaffeinated green tea varieties. How that actually happens is due to the way that manufacturers treat the tea and remove the caffeine.

But, should that be of any concern to those of us who drink it? Well it’s nice to know but no, not really, as any shortfall in these antioxidants can simply be solved by drinking more of the decaffeinated green tea.

Wu yi weight loss tea – how it is made

Wu Yi Weight Loss Tea – How it is Made

Wu yi weight loss tea is not a newly found brand. This is because it is the other name of Wu-long or Oolong tea. As you have heard from other people, it existed quite a long time ago. This tea is grown in Mt. Wuyi Shan, and so other people in China called it Wu yi tea.

Like the green tea, Wu yi tea has been part in the traditional medicine of China. People use it for several centuries and even up to this modern day. This is because this herb can heal ailments and other health related problems.

Though others would say that it has no difference in contrast with green tea and other types of teas. But truthfully speaking, this tea has greater polyphenol content that makes the tea very effective in losing weight.

What are these polyphenols about? Polyphenols are the active substances that help speed up the breaking of fats in the system by triggering off the enzymes in the body that are responsible in dissolving the fats taken from the ingested foods. Because of this biological development, the metabolism will also boost up and more energy will be utilized by the body, thus preventing the individual to become obese.

How is this Wu yi tea being processed? The processing of the Camellia sinensis defines the tea. Green teas, black teas, Puerh teas, have distinctive tea process. For Wu yi or Wulong tea, the leaves are harvested early in the morning, then dried in the sun, and allowed to age in a certain period. Once the leaves are dried, it will be tenderized by the use of a basket winnower made from bamboo. Then let the leaves cured for three days. After curing stage, the leaves are being rubbed so that the right flavor including the enzymes and chemical substance will be achieved before it is placed on tea bags. This is the traditional way of preparing wu yi weight loss tea.

Here’s A Secret Tip:

Discover a unique blend of three powerful teas namely Sencha, Oolong (Wu Long), Puerh species. Here are the benefits you will get – Burns 2.5 times more calories than Green Tea; Reduces the fattening effects when eating carbs; Fights the signs of aging with antioxidants; Completely natural, organically grown, certified by CERES and USDA.

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