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Organic green tea

Organic Green Tea

We all worry about our health and our family’s health and about using too many drugs to cure these illnesses. With use of organic green tea in your daily lives you may not have to worry too much about the health ailments. Tea, in general, has been known for its medicinal properties and it comes in four varieties – the black tea, the oolong tea, the green tea, and the white tea. Organic green tea, also known as organic herbal teas or organic Darjeeling tea, are especially more beneficial for our health. The Chinese have been known for drinking Organic green tea for 4,000 years. The reason for its popularity could be attributed to its richness in anti-oxidants, such as, catechin polyphenols and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

Organic herbal teas are not just used in food products but also in beauty products. Organic green tea is made from the plant called ‘camellia sinensis’ and is more rich than other teas due to the way it’s processed. Organic Darjeeling tea is obtained by steaming the leaves instead of fermentation process (used for other teas). This helps in ensuring that EGCG is not oxidised by the way of fermentation.

Organic green tea is known to cure many illnesses, such as, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular diseases, infections, etc. Another very popular use is to lose weight as Organic herbal teas are known for burning more calories. Many experts believe that EGCG in green tea helps in curing cancer by destroying the cancerous cells without harming healthy cells. Organic Darjeeling tea is also known to help in lowering LDL cholesterol which slows down abnormal formation of blood clots in the body (known as thrombosis). It also prevents tooth decay by killing the bacteria in plaque.

Those allergic to caffeine must not drink organic green tea while pregnant women must take it in moderation.  Always store your tea in air tight containers in a cool and dry area. One must always brew fresh tea instead of drinking the stale one. You should avoid drinking the tea at night as it will hamper your sleep. In case you are hungry, do not take tea as it will increase your hunger. Stay healthy with Organic herbal tea.

Slow down 2008

Slow Down 2008

Living in 2008, we sometimes get caught up in all our obligations and to-do lists., forgetting about thelittle things in life. At Samovar, we intentionally try to slow you down. Sometimes that can be painful, so please be patient. Through your pot of tea, and the experience of brewing, it, serving it, and sipping it, you will come to actually enjoy beauty of slowness.

As you wait for your pot of Organic tea at Samovar, smell the fresh baked cherry-oat scones coming out of the oven. Or the cardamom and cinnamon and cloves simmering in a pot of chai on our stove. Watch those around you witnessing the same, savoring their time to sit still and absorbing the colors, people, and activity around them.

In slowness we are forced to experience the fluctuations and vacillations of our mind, our thinking, our patterns and habits, and our surroundings. Through slowness we witness the blowing of the wind, the honk of a horn, the smile of a passerby, the aroma of a cup of tea, the good morning kiss of a partner, the abilities of our body, the beauty inside our home.Samovar Tea Lounge is the best place to Buy Tea Online

How slow is slow enough? We are addicted to the speed, and the faster we go, the faster we want to go. But if you can slow down you will experience magic. There is no other way.

Slow things have more value, they take more time, and they deliver more. Slow food tastes better than fast food. Slow breathing makes you more relaxed than hyperventilating. Slow loving feels better. Friendships take time. A good meal takes time. Wild salmon takes time to grow up big and strong. Delicious produce takes time to go from seed to sprout to full grown and edible. Deep, meaningful, lasting companies take time to evolve, develop and prosper.

How do you live slower? Sip some tea and you’ll find out…

Art in beverages – the blooming tea

Art in Beverages – The Blooming Tea

Think of the difference that presentation makes for a meal. A delicious food choice thrown haphazardly onto a plate is not as enjoyable as a plate that is arranged for beauty. With blooming teas, artisans will take tealeaves and tie them together with a cotton cord in order to make a flower. Flowers are then dried for storage and shipping. When you add boiling water, the flowers are brought back to life.

You will take the small grayish ball of blooming tea and add it to a pot. Cover it with boiling water. There in your tea pot a beautiful flower begins to bloom. It is like a lifeless ball of tea comes to life as a blooming flower. That flower can add beauty to the table.

The best way to enjoy these teas is by using a clear serving set. Glass tea pots are perfect for the larger blooming flowers while clear teacups work well for the smaller ones. You will not need a tea strainer since the teas are tied together using a cotton string and do not come lose in the tea cup. You will not have stray tea leaves.

One blooming flower will make ten to fifteen brewings of tea. The teas that are chose for the blooming teas are generally fruity and do not develop a bitter flavor like many other teas will. This makes them perfect for all the brewings for a continual enjoyment.

When planning a big girl tea party, be sure that you have at least one blooming tea flower. The will make a perfect centerpiece and a tasty tea to serve. The flower blossoms develops into a tasty tea in minutes. The clear tea pot is perfect to show off your tea. Once your pot is empty, just add more hot water to brew again and again.

Tea has been shown to offer many antioxidants that are good for your health. In addition, there is no better way to relax than to have you afternoon cup of tea. Blooming teas have virtually no caffeine. It will not give you the jitters of coffee. Instead, it calms and soothes you for the evening. Why not add even more enjoyment with the beauty of a blooming tea. It not only offers a wonderful taste, it offers an aesthetic beauty.

Blooming teas are a great gift idea for tea lovers. They offer the same beauty and flavor that you enjoy to your friends and families. If you want a some what larger gift basket, add clear serving wears such as tea pots or cups. You will have a lovely serving set for a unique gift idea.

If you are not a fan of hot teas, why not serve blooming teas over ice. Add the dry tea flower to a clear glass pitcher and brew with hot water. Once the flower has opened add cool water and serve in clear glasses. The floral taste may not even need sugar for a delicious iced tea.

Blooming teas are a beautiful way to serve tea to you family and friends. They make great gifts and are wonderful for entertaining.

The different classes of chemical compounds found in green rooibos

The different classes of chemical compounds found in Green Rooibos

1. Phenolic acids. 4 – hydroxybenzoate, 3,4 di-hydroxy benzoic acid, 4 – hydroxy-3 – methoxy-benzoic acid, 4 – hydroxy-3 ,5-di methoxy-benzoate, 4 – cuomaric acid, caffeic acid and ferulic acid. These compounds have all antibacterial and antifungal properties, to explain the experience of the positive impact that women, when washing a weak solution of Rooibos as a person. The acids are also low in antioxidants.

2.Flavones, flavonol glycosides and CO Luteolin, chrysoerial, luteolin-7-0-glucoside, quercetin, rutin and isoquercitin. Luteoin quercetin and have strong anticonvulsant properties to explain the positive result if Rooibos, is given to children suffering from colic. Luteolin, quercetin, rutin Isoquercetin and have strong antioxidant properties. The four compounds also inhibits Aldose reductase, an enzyme drug target for diabetic complications. Routine – increased stability and permeability of capillary arteries. Quercetin prevents the oxidation of cholesterol (LDL) and may indicate an anti-atherosclerosis.

4. Flavanones glycosides Orientina-dihydro and dihydro-iso-Orientina sweeteners and diet can contribute to a pleasant sweet taste and natural tea Rooibos.

5. Glycosides and dihydrochalcone Aspalathin Nothofagin not food sweeteners and strong antioxidants.

6. Tannins. (+)-Catechin, procyanidins B-3 and bis-fisetinidol-catechin. Tannins reduce protein digestibility by forming complexes and thereby create a negative impact on food goes. However, there is now convincing evidence that the tannins in red wine for the French paradox in charge. Although a diet rich in fat, a low incidence of heart disease and cancer with high consumption of red wine. Catechin used in various forms, such as toothpaste, candy, cereal, ice cream, etc. in Japan.

7. Non-phenols. (+) – A pinitol hypoglycemic (reduces blood sugar levels) and antidiabetic properties and is used as an expectorant.

8. Alpha-hydroxy acids. This type of compound glycoside phenylpyruvic acid is an important component of beauty creams and therapeutic products for diseases of the skin. May explain the success of the pristine beauty creams Rooibos Rooibos with the remarkable ability to complement the skin young and beautiful.

9. Mineral. Iron, potassium, calcium, copper, zinc, magnesium and sodium is essential for normal human metabolism. Rooibos is naturally caffeine free, it is said to relieve tension and therefore helps to alleviate insomnia.

10. Why is an antioxidant required for human consumption? Free radicals (such as reactive oxygen species ROS) of highly active chemical molecules that indiscriminately attack human cells and that all sorts of problems such as aging, cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc. The body is with this SOD (enzyme peroxide dismutase). If the decline of aging or low level of health protection for SOD, and it was then that food must be rich in antioxidants, to help the body by free radicals, too. The presence of flavonoids and tannins in Rooibos has shown antioxidants. Thus, in addition to its pleasant taste, a cup of Rooibos tea is also an important part of the diet in addition to any food or drinks. Yerba Mate blended with high quality organic and chopped and sieved not obtained or branches. Organic Yerba Mate is grown and produced in accordance with the principles of organic agriculture.

Yerba Mate, Mate, or as often called, is a plant of South America has won many fans across the world. Looking for a natural stimulant no side effects and toxicity, Mate currently holds the greatest hope. A tonic for the mind and body, a natural source of nutrition and health predominantly supporter, Mate deserves the attention of everyone interested in optimal health.

Yerba Mate is colonization and modern cultures, established by the primitive Guarani Indians of Paraguay and Argentina. Always seemed the most common ingredient in household cures of modern Argentina and Paraguay Guarani In, however, Mate tea is almost ritualistic pathologies, such as coffee and tea abuse in Western and Eastern Europe.

Among the native Guarani, on the other hand, using natural materials meaning in good health has vanished. Used to boost immunity, cleanse and detoxify the blood, tone the nervous system, restoring hair color of youth, slowing aging, combat fatigue, stimulate the mind to control appetite, reduce the debilitating effects reduce stress and overcome insomnia.

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