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Think green, drink tea

Think Green, Drink Tea

The oldest uses of tea were recorded in China thousands of years ago. The Chinese seem to have been enjoying the soothing and healing effects of tea even before the Western world found tea time as a fashionable excuse to sip tea, chat and eat pastries in the afternoon.

An old Chinese proverb states: “Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one.”  Their longevity and excellent health are proof of tea’s almost magical powers.

A recent study at the University of Purdue confirms the health properties of tea, particularly green tea.  There are three key elements which occur naturally in green tea and to which the major health benefits are attributed: nutrients, antioxidants and caffeine.

Green tea contains essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B complex which helps carbohydrate and fat metabolism, and helps moisturize the skin. It is also a source of natural fluoride which helps in preventing cavities in teeth. And vitamin C which prevents colds and flu.

Aside from nutrients, green tea also contains a potent antioxidant called catechin polyphenols, specifically epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).  The detoxifying effect of these antioxidants protects cells from free radicals without harming healthy tissues because it prevents normal blood clotting.

Caffeine is a mild stimulant which occurs naturally in tea.  It has an impact on mental functions, by stimulating the central nervous system, and physical functions by improving physical performance.  It is also a diuretic though it is not dehydrating in small amounts.  Tea’s caffeine content is comparably lower than other caffeinated beverages making it an ideal alternative to coffee, chocolate and cola drinks.

Apart from preventing cancer and high cholesterol, green tea was also found to be good for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, infection, impaired immune functions and even toothache.

Weight loss tea – the facts

Weight Loss Tea – The Facts

The key to losing weight is to drastically reduce the amount of calories you consume, for some this can prove to be very difficult. When you lower your calorie intake this can often make you feel hungry which can deplete energy levels and cause mood swings. Many weight loss experts claim that hunger pangs can be suppressed by drinking weight loss tea.

There are many different varieties of weight loss tea to choose from; amongst those are Herbal teas, Green teas, Chinese teas and Oolong tea.

Green Tea is probably the most recognised weight loss tea. The manufacturers of some blends of Green Tea maintain that it will reduce your appetite by up to 60% which results in very speedy weight loss. It is also known to increase your metabolism enabling you to burn more calories. Particular brands of Green weight loss tea are believed to regulate blood sugar resulting in a lesser need to snack or binge on food.

Herbal teas have been well-liked by many for centuries, even those not wishing to lose weight. This particular variety of weight loss tea may contain ingredients such as Garcinia, Cambogia, Cinnamomum, Tamala, Guggal, Senna leaves and Fennel aniseed. Herbal weight loss teas are thought to increase fat and calorie burning which in turn, help speed up weight loss. There is a wide array of different teas dedicated to bring relief to a particular ailment and herbal tea in particular is famously noted for its soothing properties.

Chinese weight loss tea otherwise known as Wu Long tea is supposed to dissolve body fat by reducing the volume of insulin that rises that is caused from eating carbohydrates. Wu Long tea is reported to enhance your energy level twice as much as usual which means more calories are burnt on a daily basis while drinking this tea. Other benefits of Chinese weight loss tea include stronger teeth, a clearer complexion, boosted immune system and a peaceful mind.

Oolong tea was first discovered in the Fujian Province of China. A popular weight loss tea and heavily endorsed by Hollywood stars. It contains Polyphenols that are renowned to lower triglycerides in the blood and reduce the amount of body fat. Polyphenol also has a great effect on the general health of the body by helping to eradicate free radicals. Additional benefits of Oolong tea include a reduced risk of atopic dermatitis and tooth decay.

Weight loss tea is an excellent additional supplement to a proper diet and exercise. As you can see tea offers a huge range of benefits but it should be used alongside a proper routine not sorely as the only source of weight loss. It is advisable that you see your physician before you undergo any new exercise or weight loss program.

Losing weight and green tea, the relation

Losing Weight and Green Tea, the Relation

A lot of people are suffering from health problems these days. If you’re one of them, perhaps you’ve already taken the necessary steps in order to shed some pounds off. Admit it, It’s hard to follow diet plans especially with so many temptations around you.

Drinking plain water everyday may have tempted you to drink fizzy sodas instead without even thinking that these sodas contain a lot of sugar and of course, calories. Have you ever realized that you can also drink green tea and incorporate it in your diet plan? A lot of individuals with weight problems are already into the green tea hype; so, do you want to join them?

Well, if you still don’t know, green tea has many benefits and it can help you in losing weight. As long as you can exercise regularly and you strictly monitor your diet, you can take green tea as many times as you like. The tea is capable of burning fat because of its certain properties and this is the reason why a lot of people who want to lose weight are now rushing to the groceries to buy green tea. You can check diet plans and see if they promote the intake of green tea. Since medical communites are now able to look into the tea’s excellent health properties, perhaps it has already tapped the environment of dieters, including the experts.

Dieters are usually discouraged to eat large amount of food and if ever you do eat a small portion, you will always crave for more because you’re still hungry. Try to drink water if you do feel hungry especially before eating. If you don’t like to drink water, you can drink green tea instead. You can have it cold or warm and if you’re not that sensitive to taste, you can add a little honey or lemon juice.

There are also dieters who prefer to drink green tea during meals. This is also good because it helps in the digestion process and it will also keep you hydrated. The tea is also known to suppress appetite so you will surely lose some weight. If you no longer have the appetite to eat, then you will not be consuming a large amount of food. Just a small serving of food will do and you will already feel as if you’ve eaten a lot of food.

It’s quite hard for dieters not to be tempted to eat between meals but by drinking a few cups of green tea you can fill your hunger somehow. A glass of tea can already replace your snacks. Learn to control yourself because that is the only way for you to shed those unwanted pounds. Without discipline, you will gain more weight. Aside from losing weight, drinking green tea has other benefits.

By incorporating it to your diet, you can boost the immune system, prevent cancer, and it can make you a healthier individual. Here’s a little secret – in order to see the effects of green tea in your weight regimen, substitute a glass of tea for your snacks. Make it a habit to drink green tea everyday and you can also take the supplements if you want.

The supplements can act as your body’s fat burners so that you can lose weight in no time. If you start drinking it now, you will be able to see the effects soon. Tell your fellow dieters about the amazing healing properties of green tea and how it can help in losing weight. You and your friends can all try if green tea is truly effective in losing weight.

Some stores sell the tea leaves and you can just prepare the beverage at home. Ask the seller how to prepare the tea leaves. If you’re in a hurry, you can just buy the ready-to-drink green tea in plastic bottles. There are a lot of bottled green teas in the grocery stores and you just need to choose the one you like. Instead of drinking coffee and other drinks, shift to green tea.

It is not only a less costly beverage but it can help you lose weight and can make you a healthier individual.

Advantages of green tea

Advantages of Green Tea

The advantages of green tea have been well known by those the live in Chinese and Japanese cultures have known for thousands upon thousands of years. However, it has only been over the last several years that people in westernized countries have began to realize the incredible nutritional benefits and advantages of green tea. It has become one of the most popular herbal supplements used in the world today.

The advantages are numerous. For instance, it offers nutritional benefits that can help many individuals lose weight, it can lower cholesterol, it can strengthen immune system and makes some excellent changes to a person’s cardiovascular system. The main reason that there are so many nutritional benefits to using green tea is that the tealeaves are very rich in antioxidants such as catechin polyphenols.

The reason the green tea is some much more advantageous is that is simply just water as well as phytochemicals and caffeine and very little else unless of course you add some other type of substance to it such as sugar or honey.

Drinking it is very beneficial as it contains close to half the amount of caffeine that you would find in a cup of black tea. It also contains close to one quarter of the amount of caffeine that you would find in a similar sized cup of coffee. This makes green tea a very healthful drink that would be perfectly ok to consume several times per day.

Since green tea is created by steam the teas leaves it is imbued with the additional benefit such as containing fluoride, which assists in maintaining excellent dental health. Since there are much lower levels of caffeine in the extract less nervousness and anxiety then drinks with more caffeine content.

With all the excellent advantages, you really do own it to yourself to learn all you can about this amazing drink.

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