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Pu-erh tea found to help lower cholesterol and high blood pressure

Pu-erh Tea found to help lower cholesterol and high blood pressure

On your next trip to a Chinese restaurant, see if you’ll be served a deep, dark brownish red tea with a fascinatingly earthy yet mellow taste.  Chances are, this is the famed and highly-valued pu-erh tea that many of the finest Chinese eateries serve their clients after a hearty meal.

Pu-erh tea is widely used as an after-meal beverage due to its famed ability to break fat, lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and thus contribute to smooth digestion.

Pu-erh tea is considered among the oldest and most valuable types of tea in China.   Pu-erh tea is derived from the large leaf variety of the camellia sinensis plant from where green tea, black tea and oolong tea are also obtained.  During the golden era of the ancient Chinese Empire, pu-erh tea was given as a tribute to the Emperor.  It was also used as medium of exchange for trading goods.

Pu-erh tea is quite distinctive from other tea varieties as it is usually obtained in a compressed state instead of the usual loose leaf state.  The tea leaves are pressed together during processing into different shapes but mostly ball or brick shaped.  The resultant ‘tea bricks’ are then aged for some time, and sold to customers.  When making a pot of tea, a small portion of the brick is detached and placed in newly-boiled water for steeping.

Its name “pu-erh” is derived from the Pu-erh county in the Yunnan province of southwestern China where the tea is produced.  The tea is grown in elevations of up to 2,000 meters as its cultivation is enhanced by cool and pure air and fertile lands.

Pu-erh tea, when taken on a consistent basis, is widely thought to aid in reducing bad cholesterol levels and regulating high blood pressure.  This in turn, plays a vital role in staving off heart disease and stroke.  This is because the tea is believed to be effective in breaking down the oily and fatty content of food, thus facilitating the digestive process and speeding up metabolism.  It also helps in ‘melting’ and clearing out the toxins that line the intestines and the stomach.

Pu-erh tea is likewise believed to be imbued with potently strong qi or the body’s life energy that contributes in boosting the flow of blood and overall circulation. This can help cure minor aches and pains.

So the next time you partake of a tasty and sumptuous meal that’s laden with fat and oils, remember to close the meal with a nice hot cup of flavorful pu-erh tea.  Aside from being pleasant-tasting, you will benefit from its ability to gently help digest the meal, thus leaving you feeling refreshed and healthy.

Tea is not just a drink

Tea is not Just a Drink

Tea is a drink for those who wish to refresh themselves in the midst of work. It gives energy and briskness to switch over from the monotony of same kind of working in the office or the factory. They contain some taste giving materials which are pungent, astringent and also bitter simultaneously. The tea is not just a drink as it supplies a healthy cup of benefits.


The teas induce certain amount of zeal into your mind and invigorate your body with energy. The taste helps to stimulate and revive the energy to continue working for a long time.


Peculiarly, some kind of teas with mild taste is capable of producing a solace to keep you calm and quite raising your spirit to an elevated level. You love to take a break and lighten up your spirit to make things go easier.

On consuming a light leaf tea, you will think everything easy and subtle; and allow things happen more cheerfully. You will become instantly successful in handling the situation either way, brisk or calm.


As a green leaf, the tea is capable of giving a good medicinal effect; as a semi processed and fully fermented, the tea has high value in taste and medicinal worth. The tea liquor is golden in color and the taste is worthier than the gold.


It tastes good as raw and also entertains nice with milk, sugar, ginger, cardamom and other spices. There are teas infused with lime, mint and cocoa also independently. There are instant teas that dissolve in hot water or milk to give instant teas as the name suggests.


The anti-oxidant properties of tea are beneficial in the prevention of cancers of the mouth, stomach, pancreas, lung, and esophagus. Tea is especially beneficial to smokers because it counter-acts some of the negative effects of cancers caused by smoking cigarettes. Dr. Weisburger recommends that 5-6 cups of tea be taken per day.


The flavanoids in tea have anti-oxidative properties which lower blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and reduce blood clotting, all of which are factors in preventing heart disease.


The intake of 5 or 6 cups of tea per day increases one’s intake of essential minerals such as manganese (essential for bone growth) and potassium (essential for a normal heart beat, fluid regulation within the cells, and muscles and nerves function).

Scientific information from the USDA points out that drinking one cup of tea could make a significant contribution to daily antioxidant intake, equivalent to approximately one serving of vegetables.


Tea is a tea is a tea is a tea

Tea is a Tea is a Tea is a Tea!


Tea is a tree maintained as a bush for the convenience of the mankind to do cultural practices at ease and do the harvest also most comfortably. The tea bush is about a meter high and also 2 to 3 meters in diameter in spread. The teas grow as bushes at medium to high elevations on the hills. As a tree, tea is pruned once in a year and leaves are plucked periodically, the plant grows with lateral branches.


Teas available in the market in packed condition are really processed tea leaves and their broken parts. It may be in full leaf form, tea in broken structure or tea in the powered form or called as dusts. All these tea leaves available in the market are not the very same. The sizes of teas are different and so the qualities. The color, taste and flavor of the tea leaves differ from estate to estate. They change with change in weather conditions, processing techniques and size of the tea grades.


The main tea characters are its color, taste and flavor. The one more character is an additive character; when all these three characters are intensified, it is called the strength. These characters are witnessed when you drink the tea. The leaf tea has a special character with unique flavor with less of color. The broken teas are slightly stronger in color and tastier. The dusts or powder teas will yield more strong tea drink when compared with the bigger grades.


However, the color, taste, flavor and strength are brought out when made into a tea drink. The tea may be merely a raw extract of tea in golden color. This may be added with sufficient sugar and milk to give a special taste. The liquid gold may be added with the juice of lemon to make a lemon tea. A mint, cardamom or a ginger tea could be made with respective ingredients. They give additional taste and extraordinary spirit to the body and mind of the tea lover.


A common man thinks that all the teas available in the market are one and the same. But the truth is that almost all the teas are different and the unique characters in a tea are maintained by the companies by special evaluation and blending techniques.

You need to select some special teas and buy them for making special teas, when you are a tea lover. Your cup of tea should give a unique taste and happiness that lingers for a long time.



A refreshing beverage from tata tea

A refreshing beverage from Tata Tea

Tata Tea Ltd. is a private company founded by Ratan Tata the chairman in 1964 in Kolkata, India. Tata Tea Ltd. also known as Tata-Tetley is owned by Tata Group of India which is the second largest manufacturer and distributor of tea in the world. The other commodities that it sells apart from tea are pepper, cardamom, coffee and spices.

In India, Tata Tea is the largest tea brand whereas in UK and Canada Tetley is the largest tea company. By volume it is the second largest in US.

Tata Tea Ltd. has strong presence in India and Sri Lanka owning 51 tea estates especially in West Bengal, Assam and Kerala.

It is the largest manufacturer of Assam Tea and Darjeeling Tea. With Ceylon Tea manufacturing it is ranked as the second largest manufacturer. 70 million kilograms of tea is manufactured in India by Tata Tea Ltd. and its subsidiaries. It has 54 tea estates and 10 tea blending and packaging factories. Apart from India and Sri Lanka Tata Teal Ltd. has spread its tentacles to 40 other countries as well. In addition to Tata Tea and Tetley other major brands in the Indian market associated with Tata Tea Ltd. are Gemini, Chakra Gold and Kanan Devan tea.

Tata Tea Ltd. is mainly into foods and beverages. Off late it is trying to revamp its group companies and consolidate all its businesses such as water, soft drinks and tea into a single entity to ease its operational issues. As part of it soon there would be news about consolidating the Mt Everest Mineral Water with Tata Tea and Himalayan brand with Tata fold.

The herbal tea brand of Tata Tea is called as Good Earth. It would soon be outsourcing the manufacturing of its herbal tea brand to an existing joint venture in US to cut down costs as its production is miniscule in the US market. It has acquired this herbal brand in US, Good Earth from Good Earth Corp in addition to several other buyouts. So far Good Earth has been manufactured at the facilities of Tata Tea in US. But going forward it would be manufactured and produced by Southern Tea which can help them accrue nearly 5 crore rupees or $1 million. Britain’s tea brand Tetley is currently manufactured by Southern Tea for the US market.

To eliminate unwanted administrative costs Tata Tea wants to restructure its management operations in US market as well. It is concentrating on its subsidiaries in US which are Eight-O-Clock Coffee Co, FMali Herb Inc, Tetley, a plantation at Plant City in Florida along with Good Earth brands. Amongst these brands Eight-O-Clock Coffee belongs to Tata Coffee whereas FMali belongs to Tetley US Holdings which is a subsidiary of Tata Tea.


Despite the restructuring and reframing happening within the various subsidiaries of Tata Tea company it still continues to reign the tea industry making its presence strongly felt in the US and Indian market. Apart from the business point of view its ownership of the largest tea estates is a proof of the fact that it is in fact the largest manufacturer of tea in India.

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