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Decaf tea

Decaf Tea

Decaffeinated tea also known as decaf tea is the tea obtained by removing the caffeine content of the tea. Decaf tea is best for those who are allergic to caffeine and those who are trying to reduce their caffeine intake in general.

Decaf tea provides you all the benefits of the tea without increasing your caffeine intake. If taken in large amounts, caffeine may cause health problems in some individuals. These problems include nervousness, irritability, anxiety, muscle twitching (hyper-reflexia), insomnia, headaches, respiratory alkalosis, and heart palpitations. However, those who take caffeine regularly adapt to the continual presence of the drug in the body. In order to avoid the side effects of drinking caffeine, one must go for Decaf tea. One of the main benefits of the decaf green tea is to speed up the metabolism while exercising and burn more calories. Decaffeinated tea provides all the benefits of the regular green tea, such as, curing cancer, lowering LDL cholesterol levels, losing weight, and hindering the formation of blood clots, etc.

The tea is decaffeinated by using the following two processes – ethyl acetate and a CO2 method. CO2 method is known to be safer than the ethyl acetate process which is cheaper in cost. The main health benefit in the tea comes from the presence of polyphenols (catechins). While processing the tea for decaffeination through ethyl acetate process, it retains only 30 percent of polyphenols. The CO2 process helps in retaining about 95 percent of polyphenols. The information on the process used for decaffeination is usually present in the label. In case you are worried about the reduced levels of anti-oxidants in the decaf green tea or decaf tea, you just need to drink more of the decaf tea to get the same amount of anti-oxidants as the regular tea.

If you have not been drinking tea for it contains caffeine, there is no reason for you to deprive yourself from the benefits of tea now, as you can chose decaf tea instead. It gives you many health benefits without increasing the level of caffeine in your body. Enjoy your cup of decaffeinated tea today.

Organic green tea tablets – can green tea help you lose weight

Organic Green Tea Tablets – Can Green Tea Help You Lose Weight

A great number of individuals have been involved in losing weight. Latest studies have shown that green tea has the ability to facilitate the process of shedding off those excess pounds. If taken on a regular basis it will greatly lend a hand in burning as much as extra eighty calories. It only means that in a year, you will be able to lose a total of eight pounds off your body by just drinking green tea alone, even without the diet and exercise. Here are some vital information on how can green tea help you lose weight.

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Many experts believed that green tea is an effective blood glucose regulator; this is due to the fact that the substance cathechin polyphenol which is present in green tea control the transition of glucose into fats thus slows down the absorption of unwanted fats in the body. It impedes the increase of blood sugar level after eating as well as effectively impedes insulin spikes.

Another important factor on how can green tea help you lose weight is its ability to suppress someone’s appetite. The fact that green teas have regulating effects on the blood sugar, individuals who take it has been proven consume as much as sixty percent lesser food than normal.

Instead of drinking coffee, you may have green tea as a good alternative. Consuming green tea all throughout the day will bring about lesser calories in the long run. Coffee adds inches and bulges to your waistline due to the sugar and cream included in it.

The overall benefits that green tea provides our body is incomparable. It affects the bodily system in a very positive manner. The systems that are benefiting from it include respiratory, cardiovascular, circulatory, nervous, urogenital, immune, lymphatic, and musculoskelatal systems. That is in addition to the amazing effect of green tea in getting rid of excess weight.

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