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Reap the benefits of tea

Reap the Benefits of Tea

We know that tea can provide a bounty of health benefits and you don’t just have to sip a cup to get those benefits. You can use your favourite healthy teas in cooking which can add flavour and health benefits to meals.

Tea Soup Base

Start making your soup with a tea base and you can reap the health benefits of green tea, wulong tea, black tea, white tea, chai or any other.  Tea has so many health benefits that getting it into your recipes is a great way to add both flavour and health.

Not only will you get antioxidant, metabolic or antibacterial benefits depending on the type of tea you use but the flavour is awesome.  Green tea or white tea make a nice and light base for Asian or traditional soups  whereas oolong or wulong is more of a woodsy flavour perfect for a hearty beef and vegetable. If you want something exotic tasting, start your base with Chai.

White tea is increasingly popular for those feeling sick and making your chicken noodle soup with an organic white tea base could dramatically reduce the length of your illness becuase it can fight strep and staph infections.

Gravies and Cooking Liquid

Start your gravies the same way and use tea instead of plain water when making rice or couscous. Whether you’re doing a detox diet, want more antioxidants or just love the flavour it’s a great way to help you get the many benefits of tea.

The secret behind the loose leaf tea’s popularity

The Secret Behind The Loose Leaf Tea’s Popularity

Do you happen to be an avid tea drinker? Then you would definitely have your own preference when it comes to how you like your tea. Some would prefer tea bags, while you might prefer loose leaf. Not that there is anything wrong with tea bags, but the loose leaf form can provide you with much better health benefits.

In buying tea from the market, you need to consider how the tea was prepared. A loose leaf tea does wonders for the body. It is said to act as an anti-aging agent. Not only these, they also support the digestive functions, help to alkalize the digestive tract, as well as the blood stream.

You may be wondering why the loose leaf tea? You see, when the leaf of the tea is cut, some of the natural oils of the leaf evaporate. You can just imagine the oils that have evaporated on the leaves that were crushed or cut into very small pieces and stuff them all into the small tea bag, whereas, really large leaves of the loose leaf type maintains the flavor as well as the nutrients.

Loose leaf teas are very popular today since most people believe that they get a lot from drinking this kind of tea than the one from the tea bag. Tea leaves need to swell and unfurl. This way, you get to experience the rich flavor in every cup. Now try to think of the leaves inside the tea bag, do you think that it has enough space for the tea leaves to swell?

One of the widely patronized is Big Red Robe. People are usually drawn to the rich aroma that this tea makes. In fact, most people get the health benefits that loose leaf often give such as anti-aging. Considering that the boiling water can easily make the leaves swell, this tea is a good source of a healthy you.

Knowing the difference between tea bags and loose leaf, as well as the benefits that you will get from a loose leaf tea, you now have the ultimate decision, whether you want to stay healthy or not. Even if you are not yet an avid tea drinker, the most you can do is try. After some time, you will surely notice that your body has become more active, your weight is now controlled compared before, you started having regular bowel movement, and you just feel light. If you can start drinking tea now, you are sure to be thankful that you started out early.

Green tea-why is there so much buzz about this

Green Tea-why is There so Much Buzz About This?

More people are embracing green tea and consuming it like never before. Green tea is regarded as a supplement that can be used in the weight loss regiment. And it’s so popular worldwide because of its natural ability to help shed extra pounds.

These days there has been increasing awareness about antioxidants and their role in the body metabolism. Green tea is one rich source of antioxidants and indeed there are some clinical trials that have proven its medicinal properties on malignant cells.

Some important beneficial effects of consuming green tea are as follows:

1) Weight loss

2) High energy levels

3) Enhanced memory

4) Elimination of body toxins

In a 24-hour period, consumption of green tea increases body metabolism rate by up to 5%. This is attributed to the surplus quantities of catechins (flavones) and polyphenols present in it and these biochemicals help in the oxidation of fat (or simply fat burning) and thermogenesis (process of body generation of heat/energy due to increased metabolic rate).

Green tea is believed to also regulate glucose levels and thereby checks fat absorption. Some reports says that a single-time consumption of green tea will burn about 60 calories in a day and that should equal to a light workout effect.

When green tea is included in a weight loss plan, it complements and hastens the fat burning process and the result is quicker weight loss while maintaining high energy levels. You can depend on this all-natural medicinal drink to get spikes of energy while your weight loss pills try to calm down your hunger urges.

Why does green tea contain caffeine

Why Does Green Tea Contain Caffeine?

If you have ever been concerned about the level of caffeine in your favorite beverage then it’s good to be aware of the amounts that are present in things like tea and coffee. Many of us try to avoid the intake of it for mainly health reasons, as it’s often linked to causing rises in blood pressure and stimulating organs like our heart.

When my partner remarked, does green tea contain caffeine I had to say well, yes I think so. There remained a nagging feeling of wanting to find out more about it, and I came across some engaging and sometimes conflicting information. 

Certainly cup for cup when comparing it to a popular drink like coffee there is a lot less, somewhere in the region of a three quarters less. Then I read about green tea having a high amount, even more than black tea. Black tea is made or processed in a different manner and it’s the usual kind you will find on the supermarket shelves.

However this imbalance of caffeine between these two types of tea needs to be looked at under a different light. It has something to do with the fact that it’s a different kind of caffeine, because of the presence of powerful antioxidants within green tea. It seems that this interaction sort of renders it harmless and safe to even those people who have to watch their caffeine intake as part of their diet or wellness regime. 

One last point that is also worthy of a mention is that the caffeine level in green tea is affected by the length of time it is brewed or even if you reuse the tea leaves.

With the popularity of green tea the option also exists of choosing a decaffeinated variety, whether you buy it in its loose, tea leaf form, as a green tea extract within a capsule or an every day general nutritional supplement.

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