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Iced tea makers and coffee makers for iced tea

Iced Tea Makers and Coffee Makers for Iced Tea

Warm weather has now set in and its iced tea weather. Do you buy an iced tea maker or do you use a coffee maker? The Hamilton Beach model 40911 iced tea maker is stylish and compact. Speaking from experience, it brews fabulous tasting iced tea in under ten minutes. With this maker you can adjust the brew strength to your liking. The attractive white d?cor of the maker includes a clear stain-resistant pitcher. This pitcher fits inside a refrigerator door for handy access. Once you learn the right adjustment for the strength to your liking, you have an already-programmed setting for brewing perfect iced tea every time the way you want it. When making tea you can choose bags or loose tea, regular black, flavored or an herbal tea. There is an indicator light that shows the tea maker is on and will automatically shutoff after brewing so you do not have to worry if you forget to turn the maker off. 

 The Mr. Coffee TM75 ice tea maker is a 3 quart, 98 ounces, in size and has a fast brew cycle that will satisfy anyone who is thirsting for a better maker? It has the ability to make 3 quarts of perfectly brewed tea, and is considered a great choice for iced tea lovers. The removable brew basket means you will spend less time on cleanup, leaving more time to enjoy your delicious iced tea. This maker allows you to make iced tea or iced coffee in less than 10 minutes. You can use bags, loose or any variety of tea that you want. The pot heats the water to just short of boiling, around 190 degrees, which the perfect steeping temperature. Your tea, once brewed and iced will be cool and refreshing and is a joy to pour from your easy-to-pour pitcher. You will have it made in the shade with the TM75 Mr. Coffee® iced tea maker. Later, you can easily empty the tea bags or leaves from the removable steeping basket. Just rinse the filter basket and pat dry. You are done, except put the pitcher with remaining tea in the fridge or wash the container out with soap and water and dry. Hope you had a nice time in the shade.

 Prcotor Silex 49654 is a Black hot beverage & hot chocolate maker that comes with a 10 oz. ceramic mug.  It quickly boils up to 1-4/7 quarts, 50 ounces, of hot water for tea, hot chocolate, soups and more. It offers instant drip-free serving; just press the top to pour. There is no need to twist the lid. Keeping your beverage inside the coffee maker keeps it fresh for hours. This coffee maker makes iced coffee and iced tea. However, there are two things to remember. Do not put the tea bags in the top until after the water has boiled for better taste; and it is best to use bags when making iced tea here. This coffee maker has an automatic shutoff as well.  

 The Toastess model TFC326 is a black coffee, tea and hot chocolate maker that also comes with a 10 ounce mug. It is perfect for people on the go. It also quickly boils up to 1 4/7 quarts of hot water for hot beverages, hot chocolate, soups and more. This stylish coffee maker is a 1500-watt cordless electric jug kettle with a permanent nylon coffee filter, no more paper filters needed. The permanent filter is attractive for coffee or tea use as it will hold loose tea leaves and offers less mess to clean up. Once the leaves have dried a little bit on the filter they will fall out of the filter when turned upside and given a tap. This coffee/tea, iced tea maker has an illuminated On/Off switch and a water level window. The opening from the filter fits a variety of mug sizes.

 Which unit is best for you is for you to decide. All have easy clean-up, but offer different ways of making different amounts of iced tea. The two coffee makers require iced cubes already made in your freezer. Whatever you choose; do enjoy some iced tea of your choice this summer. For more information see:

Weight loss tea – the facts

Weight Loss Tea – The Facts

The key to losing weight is to drastically reduce the amount of calories you consume, for some this can prove to be very difficult. When you lower your calorie intake this can often make you feel hungry which can deplete energy levels and cause mood swings. Many weight loss experts claim that hunger pangs can be suppressed by drinking weight loss tea.

There are many different varieties of weight loss tea to choose from; amongst those are Herbal teas, Green teas, Chinese teas and Oolong tea.

Green Tea is probably the most recognised weight loss tea. The manufacturers of some blends of Green Tea maintain that it will reduce your appetite by up to 60% which results in very speedy weight loss. It is also known to increase your metabolism enabling you to burn more calories. Particular brands of Green weight loss tea are believed to regulate blood sugar resulting in a lesser need to snack or binge on food.

Herbal teas have been well-liked by many for centuries, even those not wishing to lose weight. This particular variety of weight loss tea may contain ingredients such as Garcinia, Cambogia, Cinnamomum, Tamala, Guggal, Senna leaves and Fennel aniseed. Herbal weight loss teas are thought to increase fat and calorie burning which in turn, help speed up weight loss. There is a wide array of different teas dedicated to bring relief to a particular ailment and herbal tea in particular is famously noted for its soothing properties.

Chinese weight loss tea otherwise known as Wu Long tea is supposed to dissolve body fat by reducing the volume of insulin that rises that is caused from eating carbohydrates. Wu Long tea is reported to enhance your energy level twice as much as usual which means more calories are burnt on a daily basis while drinking this tea. Other benefits of Chinese weight loss tea include stronger teeth, a clearer complexion, boosted immune system and a peaceful mind.

Oolong tea was first discovered in the Fujian Province of China. A popular weight loss tea and heavily endorsed by Hollywood stars. It contains Polyphenols that are renowned to lower triglycerides in the blood and reduce the amount of body fat. Polyphenol also has a great effect on the general health of the body by helping to eradicate free radicals. Additional benefits of Oolong tea include a reduced risk of atopic dermatitis and tooth decay.

Weight loss tea is an excellent additional supplement to a proper diet and exercise. As you can see tea offers a huge range of benefits but it should be used alongside a proper routine not sorely as the only source of weight loss. It is advisable that you see your physician before you undergo any new exercise or weight loss program.

Wu log diet tea – for getting back into a fit and trim shape

Wu Log Diet Tea – For Getting Back Into A Fit and Trim Shape

Wu Long Green Tea or Oolong Tea is the traditional Chinese tea which has immense health enhancing properties. Wu Long Diet Tea is full of anti oxidants which very effectively strengthens your immune system and detoxifies your body to a great extent. So, if you wish to get in shape, look radiant and young and at the same time get more energetic than ever, do make it point to have Wu long green tea at least twice a day.

Another special property of the Wu long diet tea is its slimming property. The Weight loss tea or Wu Long Diet tea are the same, as Wu Long green tea makes the body absorb less fat while it can also burn the accumulated body fat into energy which undoubtedly makes you feel immensely energetic all day long. This weight loss tea especially works wonders around at the mid riff section of the body where most of the body fat has a tendency to get accumulated. With progressing age or due to body constrains, certain people find it difficult to engage in heavy physical exercises in order to obtain the ideal body weight, for them having Wu Long diet tea is probably the best solution to lose weight and get back in shape.

You can always opt for Wu Long slimming programs which are tailor made to suit your requirements. Accordingly, you can opt for a combination of tea bags and tea capsules which you are required to take say within a span of 60 days or 240 days or even 480 days according to number of pounds or kilos you wish to shed.  You are required to consume 1 or 2 cups of Wu long green tea and take 1 or 2 tea capsules per day. If you are on weight loss programme, you may be required to take 2 cups of tea along with 2 weight loss tea capsules while those on a maintenance schedule can easily opt for having 1 cup of tea and tea capsule daily.

Wu Long EGCG capsules are made out of all natural Wu Long diet tea which contain Polyphenol, the active ingredient which is works in burning off the extra fat and increase the metabolic rate of your body too. A Wu Long EGCG capsules contain 30 grams of tea leaves while a single capsule can be mixed in 300 – 600 ml cold water, add in the sugar as per your taste and enjoy the drink.

Simply forget the other slimming programmes and schedules which have a strict diet regime and exercise pattern, Switch over to Wu Long Diet Tea, relax and enjoy your normal lifestyle. Let the Wu Long Diet Tea works detoxify, oxidize and work upon your body making you look in shape, young, radiant and glowing more than ever.

Drink tea and lose weight

Drink tea and lose weight

There is no doubt that tea is healthy and good for you especially when drank without milk and sugar, but just how effective is tea at helping you lose weight?

With Green tea, it has just as many health benefits as you would find in Black tea except it works in a much more effective way as the tea is purer. Tea is thought to halve your chances of suffering from cardiac problems as well as helping to fight dental cavities and plaque.

Drinking tea also effectively burns more calories than just taking caffeine as a tablet as your body has to cool down the hot drink after it is consumed which burns more energy (therefore more calories than tea itself contains) You can potentially lose weight in this way if you drink enough tea on a regular basis. It is low in fat but very nutritional. It helps strengthen the heart, aids digestion, is a very refreshing drink and works as a pick me up when recovering from fatigue. Tea can also help prevent Hyperlipidemia (excessive amounts of fat and fatty substances in the blood) and control the ratio of cholesterol and phospholipids (a group of fatty compounds found in living cells)

Tea contains Theophylline, tea Polyphenols, amino acids, vitamins and minerals as well as trace elements including iron, potassium and sodium. Theophylline stimulates the metabolism and has a mild diuretic effect. You can feel very full and satisfied drinking tea which reduces the want to binge on food which will result in weight loss.

There are many different varieties of tea used and enjoyed for different reasons but when it comes to a weight loss supplement there are several teas that are highly acknowledged for their weight loss benefits.

The most common tea that people associate with weight loss is Green tea. Green tea turns the metabolism up a notch, suppresses appetite and helps to stabilise blood sugar. This means you will consume fewer calories than usual but will be burning off extra calories simultaneously which is guaranteed to help you shift any extra weight. It is recommended for maximum results that you consume 5 cups of Green tea a day.

One of the most appreciated weight loss teas in China is Oolong. It works along the same vein as Green tea but with its higher caffeine content it stimulates the body’s metabolism even more. Oolong tea helps to improve digestion particularly of fat. Like other Green teas, 5 cups daily are recommended to reap the benefits of Oolong.

Two other blends of tea commonly used for weight loss are herbal and Puerh tea. It is reported than drinking Puerh tea lowers cholesterol levels. Puerh tea is a variation of black tea that is an acquired taste because of its strong distinctive flavour.

In conclusion, tea is a very useful (and tasty) addition to a weight loss program. Combined with the right diet and a little exercise, tea can help you to achieve a healthy weight alongside a healthy body.

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