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Learn how to host a delightful thanksgiving tea-party

Learn How To Host A Delightful Thanksgiving Tea-Party!

Have you ever wanted to host your own Thanksgiving Tea Party but don’t know how to go about doing it? Leftovers from your Thanksgiving festivities the night before will really make great additions in your own tea party menu list.

An afternoon or brunch tea event doesn’t need to be fancy or frilly but it can also just be just relaxed & comfortable. The mood will actually just depend on how you will set it up. So that’s where most of the hostess role comes into play.

Thanksgiving Brunch

A lot of people usually snack the whole day during Thanksgiving, and just when your turkeys finally done with its trimmings your guests are already full and now your efforts might not be appreciated by everyone. Does this sound a bit familiar?

This should be the year that you try another approach in setting those bowls with chips, nuts & some snack treats since everyone eats on the whole day. Use some trays of sandwiches perfect for tea, perhaps some tray full of fresh vegetables, or scones will do, then some beautiful pot containing delicious steaming tea which you have prepared and may be served as your brunch option or simply perhaps your advanced lunch to guests who stayed overnight and of course for everyone in your family who is looking to satisfy those hunger pangs.

Perhaps serve them some really good oolong tea which is great in aiding digestion then finally once Thanksgiving dinner has been prepared, everyone would be enjoying that great little feast since your guests’ hunger were satisfied beforehand and wouldn’t feel the need to just fill up on those dips, chips & nuts.

Shopping on a Thanksgiving Weekend

Planning on getting that shopping-spree together with family and friends during your Thanksgiving weekend just to cross off those heavy Christmas shopping list? Invite your family or friends to go back in your lovely house to be able to relax and enjoy a hot cup of great tea.

When shopping the whole day, tendency is you’d get too tired then you wouldn’t like to go back at home just to work on your meals for food, although you usually enjoy preparing things during a night prior to your shopping trips.

Set apart those turkeys leftover from last night and prepare a dressing just for that tea-party that may be thrown together within minutes. Prior to shopping day, make turkey salad/turkey cuts for sandwiches.

Once you’re back home after all that shopping the next day, begin heating your kettle with water in order to make your lovely tea while making some sandwiches just for friends and family with either turkey salad/turkey slices. Feel free to add extra layers of cranberry sauces & dressing to create that flavorful taste. Opting to use some leftover rolls from Thanksgiving dinner could be an alternative for bread as well.

Types of tea that will make you crazy

Types of Tea That Will Make You Crazy

Have you ever tried going to the supermarket to buy some tea because you heard from a friend that tea is very good for your health, but when you tried to buy some, you were shocked in finding that there were just so many types of tea available? If this sounds very familiar to you, then it is imperative for you to know the different types of tea so that you will have a better idea on what tea would suit you best.

It is a good thing to know that there are four basic types of tea. You have black, oolong, green, and the rare white tea. Black tea is the most common of all. In fact it is the one that is made into the thirst quenching iced tea with a brilliant red color. It has also been found to fight diabetes in a recent study.

The oolong tea is a combination of the black and green leaves. This type of tea is considered as stronger than green tea but is milder compared to black tea. So it is somewhere in the middle of the black and green tea in terms of intensity.

The green tea is also a very popular tea. It is well-loved in the Orients since its taste highly complements Oriental food. This tea has a slight bitter taste. So if you have a very sweet dessert during a meal, a cup of green tea will be a very good companion of that sweet dessert, and if you want to taste something exquisite from China, you have to try their white tea, especially the silver needle tea.

White teas are considered rare and are known to be found only in China. The silver needle tea is wanted by most tea enthusiasts because of its fresh taste, as well as the health benefits that it brings. It has a grape-like aroma with a shiny yellow color, deemed by most people as totally invigorating, intoxicating, and heavenly.

So if you would also want to taste the rare sweetness of an exquisite tea, make sure that you have the silver needle tea on your list. This tea is worth tasting.

What are the various health benefits of green tea

What Are The Various Health Benefits Of Green Tea?

Many medical experts have come to the conclusion that green tea can be a fantastic source of antioxidants as well as an incredible dietary supplement. More and more people are starting to realize that they can dramatically boost their chances of losing weight and keeping it off by making green tea apart of their everyday life. However, some people remain skeptical about the benefits that can be derived from consuming green tea.

Let’s talk a little bit about why green tea can be so effective at helping people lose weight, and we will also address some of the common concerns that are oftentimes raised by skeptical people. To know more on green tea, visit Cho Yung Tea.

Green tea contains a variety of natural substances that help elevate the body’s metabolism rate. As a result of having a higher level of metabolism, individuals can experience greater levels of weight loss. This stems from the fact that their bodies are literally consuming more calories every single day.

One of the concerns raised by individuals were skeptical revolves around whether or not it is actually safe for any substance to boost the body’s metabolism rate. Numerous scientific studies have indicated that there are no harmful side effects associated with having an elevated metabolism rate. In fact, many people naturally have higher metabolism rates. There is nothing abnormal or unnatural about this particular condition.

Another concern that individuals have expressed is over the amount of green tea that they would have to consume on a daily basis to derive any direct health benefits from it. Most experts agree that you should consume anywhere between three and 5 cups of green tea on a daily basis to derive the maximum health benefits from it. While this may sound like a lot, it really isn’t.

Most people are capable of drinking one cup of green tea with every meal and then enjoying one final cup of green tea at night before going to bed. If you are somebody who has been considering trying green tea, go ahead and do so today.

Oolong tea faq

Oolong Tea Faq

There are 5 main categories of Chinese tea:

– Green tea
– Black tea
– Oolong tea
– Scented tea
– Compressed tea

The Oolong tea faq

What is Oolong Tea?

Although Oolong tea (also referred to as “Wu Yi tea” or “Wu Long tea”) is widely consumed in the Far East, it still has a mysterious aura to it here in America.

Oolong Tea
This air of mystery is encouraged (and capitalized on) by marketing companies who constantly change the tea’s name to make it seem more like an ancient Chinese secret for weight loss. The simple truth is that the tea isn’t much of a secret, and (since it originated about 400 years ago) it’s not particularly ancient either.
Oolong, Wu Long, & Wu Yi Tea…What’s the Difference?

Oolong tea has several different names. It’s often referred to as “WuLong” or “Wu Long” tea, and, fairly recently, “Wu Yi” tea. However, even though they have different names, every one of these teas are harvested, prepared, and rolled the Oolong way.
Wu Yi Mountains

Originally, the different names were the result of an honest translation error. This happened because there are several different methods of translating Chinese to English. Using one of the methods the pronunciation of the first character is “Oo”, but with the other method the first sound is “Wu”. Therefore the name of the tea is either “Oolong” or “WuLong” depending on the method of translation.

Does Oolong tea really help aid in weight loss?

Yes! Combined with diet and exercise, Oolong tea can be an excellent weight loss aid. It increases the metabolism while blocking fat absorption to help you shed those extra pounds.

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