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Yes chinese herbal teas are uesd for healing

Yes Chinese Herbal Teas Are Uesd For Healing!

Chinese Herbal Teas

Chinese herbal teas are also called Tisanes and are not, technically speaking, actually teas. Rather, they are infusions made from herbs instead of tea that is made from the Camelia Sinensis plant. The essence of the herb is extracted when the tea is steeped in hot water.

Chinese herbal teas are traditionally used for their healing, medicinal properties. Many varieties are also enjoyed simply for their taste, however. China is known for producing an entire pharmacy of herbs, making the herbal teas from there increasingly popular today.

The Beneficial Properties of Chinese Herbal Teas

The caffeine-free alternative represented by herbal teas is one of the well-known benefits Chinese herbal tea offers. Additionally, many of them are attributed with very soothing and comforting effects. Rosebud and Chrysanthemum herbal teas are two of the more popular examples of them.

Rosebud and Chrysanthemum teas are considered in China to be a woman”s herb. They are, however, also useful for aiding digestion. Even a hard-core tea drinker is sure to enjoy the fresh floral flavor of these miniature rosebuds. Chrysanthemum tea has long been used to cool the body and reduce fever and has a particularly unique flavor.

Due to the lack of caffeine, Chinese herbal teas are great beverages to have when caffeine would be avoided, such as at night before bed.

The Fantastic Flower Herbal Teas

Among the many varieties of Chinese herbal teas are the wildly popular flower teas. These teas are, like all herbal teas, caffeine-free alternatives and offer various benefits. Most offer a palate of flavors while being calming and soothing.

The following are among the more famous of the flower herbal teas (alphabetically):

* Carnation Flower Tea–The tea brewed from this is attractive red flower is said to help restore the energy of the body. It is also widely used for relaxing.

* Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea–This tea has a subtle sweetness and is regarded as highly refreshing. Among the popular cooling infusions this is a premier choice.

* Forget Me Not Flower Tea–This brews a mild and grassy flavored tisane. Said to aid the lungs, it is also caffeine-free. It is widely known for its beautiful purple flowers.

* Gongju Herbal Tea–The Gongju flower is known for its soothing and relaxing attributes and brews a smooth tasting herbal tea.

* Jasmine Bud Flower Tea–This Chinese herbal tea, according to some experts, is comprised solely of the small and beautiful Jasmine flowers that have not yet opened. The tea produced sweet and caffeine-free.

* Kuding Pearl Tea–The leaves for this variety are rolled into large pearls, which is one of the sources of its nickname, “one leaf tea” due to the size of the leaves. The other reason it is called “one leaf” is because of the belief that only one leaf of this tea is needed to heal a number of things. Many people consider this tea to be a bitter tea, but nearly everyone agrees that this ancient leaf brews an interesting herbal tea.

* Yunnan Flower Bud Tea–This Chinese herbal tea grows, as implied by the name, in the old forests of Yunnan. This rare flower is primarily a local Yunnan drink and is caffeine free.

* Wild New York Ginseng–For those who appreciate the wild growing conditions in which the roots ripen this is another well-known Chinese herbal tea. It is said that each root develops a unique appearance and personality because of the rugged wild conditions. Size and age can vary greatly, with some of these wild roots being very small and very old while some larger roots are much younger. These herbal roots live for seven years or more.

Step by step on how to make a delightful chai iced tea

Step by Step on How to Make a Delightful Chai Iced Tea

Chai is the common name for tea in INDIA; they called it “masala chai”. The tea is basically black so the other spices do not empower the taste. A wide range of spices are use to make chai tea such as cinnamon, ginger, star anise, cloves, peppercorn and cardamom. Here are the basic steps on how to make chai tea a delightful treat.


A couple of tsp fresh ginger root; grated a whole star anise; broken up a tsp orange peel; grated four pieces cinnamon bark cut in 1 1/2 inch a tsp cardamom seeds ten whole cloves five whole peppercorns five cups water a quarter cup of black tea leaves a tsp of vanilla a quarter cup of honey three cups of milk


Bind the ginger root, star anise, orange peel, cinnamon bark, cardamom seeds, cloves and peppercorns in a cloth. The process is called “bouquet garni” (Bouquet garni- is a bundle of herbs usually tied together mostly with a string and use to     prepare soup, tea or stock.) Put the bouquet garni in a jar of water and then bring water to a boil, after that, and then set the heat to low and continue cooking. (Boiling water may take out the bitterness of the leaves.) Add in the tea leaves and then let it simmer for 15 minutes more. When you’re done take out the bouquet garni from the pot and then filter the liquid with the use of a strainer to take out tea leaves. Mix in honey, vanilla, and milk before serving. You may either serve it hot or cold.

Below are the benefits of making chai iced tea

The Chai Tea has its beneficial effects because of the oxidation process that can prevent different types of cancer. It is also believed to lessen the probabilities to develop cataracts. It has a composition of Tannin that balances the useful component of caffeine. A natural stress remedy. Improves your body’s immune system, preventing you from flu and other diseases. Blood Pressure lowering effects. Cinnamon is known for treating diarrhea. Star anise has been use for diuretic medicinal properties. Ginger is use to treat motion sickness. Black Pepper has natural antibiotic that treats digestive problem.

here are many more tips on how to make various iced tea. Find out about the latest tips, techniques, and information that can help on

How chinese green tea can help you

How Chinese Green Tea Can Help You?

Origin and Background of green tea

As we all aware Chinese green tea had been around for thousands of years. Story has it that the tea was discovered accidentally by an Emperor. Chinese green tea comes from the same plant, as oolong tea and a traditional black tea, Camellia Siensis. Chinese herbal doctors have been using it for centuries to treat digestive problems, lack of energy, headaches etc.

The green tea produced by steaming fresh tea leves at a high temperature, which leaves a significant part of nutritional content intact. Unlike other teas, green tea is never fermented, instead plant leaves skip the fermenting process and steamed instead. The leaves are then rolled into a tight roll and those rolled leaves for long have been considered as a sign of high quality

Green Tea for Weight Loss and Diet

Some people call Chinese green tea as a miracle tea for diet and weight loss. Well miracles do happen but I would not consider green tea being one of them but there are few indications that green tea delivers a number of benefits to people who are trying to lose weight.

One of those benefits is that green tea extracts are able to reduce fat digestion by inhibiting digestive enzymes. Another benefit which was discovered in one of the studies conducted is that green tea has thermo genesis properties, which are believed to be produced by interaction between caffeine and catechin polyphenols. Thermogenesis has to do with body temperature it raises your body temperature and increases the number of calories burned.

A number of experts believe that combining green tea with other dieting techniques can dramatically increase the chances of successful weight lose.

Green tea has a number of other benefits.

One of other major benefits of green tea is polyphenols, which has been found to reduce the growth of cancer cells. The polyphenols appear to block the formation of cancer causing cells, and it is believed that the green tea has the greatest benefit on cancers of the gastrointestinal tract. One of the examples of this is Japan according to the studies conducted Japan has the highest rate of smoking and the lowest rate of cancer and its being attributed to high consumption of green tea

The green tea polyphenols are also powerful anti-oxidants. They are more powerful then vitamin E and vitamin C and have much higher quantities then fruits and vegetables. Also the green tea contains vitamin C.

After more research had been conducted it was found hat green tea improves human immune system and also it was found that green tea greatly reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. There are also signs that green tea contains fluoride which helps fight against tooth decay.

So having a few cups of green tea a day may be just the best thing you can do for your body without breaking too much sweat and also its not heavy on the wallet.

Tea is a tea is a tea is a tea

Tea is a Tea is a Tea is a Tea!


Tea is a tree maintained as a bush for the convenience of the mankind to do cultural practices at ease and do the harvest also most comfortably. The tea bush is about a meter high and also 2 to 3 meters in diameter in spread. The teas grow as bushes at medium to high elevations on the hills. As a tree, tea is pruned once in a year and leaves are plucked periodically, the plant grows with lateral branches.


Teas available in the market in packed condition are really processed tea leaves and their broken parts. It may be in full leaf form, tea in broken structure or tea in the powered form or called as dusts. All these tea leaves available in the market are not the very same. The sizes of teas are different and so the qualities. The color, taste and flavor of the tea leaves differ from estate to estate. They change with change in weather conditions, processing techniques and size of the tea grades.


The main tea characters are its color, taste and flavor. The one more character is an additive character; when all these three characters are intensified, it is called the strength. These characters are witnessed when you drink the tea. The leaf tea has a special character with unique flavor with less of color. The broken teas are slightly stronger in color and tastier. The dusts or powder teas will yield more strong tea drink when compared with the bigger grades.


However, the color, taste, flavor and strength are brought out when made into a tea drink. The tea may be merely a raw extract of tea in golden color. This may be added with sufficient sugar and milk to give a special taste. The liquid gold may be added with the juice of lemon to make a lemon tea. A mint, cardamom or a ginger tea could be made with respective ingredients. They give additional taste and extraordinary spirit to the body and mind of the tea lover.


A common man thinks that all the teas available in the market are one and the same. But the truth is that almost all the teas are different and the unique characters in a tea are maintained by the companies by special evaluation and blending techniques.

You need to select some special teas and buy them for making special teas, when you are a tea lover. Your cup of tea should give a unique taste and happiness that lingers for a long time.



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